Govsimplifiedsocial security replacement card application

W Aug 06, 2018

08.06.2018 Their online "help" came right up off the SSA website and claimed to be able to speed the process. It was very misleading as

1. The fee was not provided (39$) initially.
2. The fee was not provided even after credit card information was entered.
3. I indicated I was going to a social security office, yet their application suggested filling the government form (SS-5) by their service would speed the process.
4. They incorrectly indicated a number of documents which I would need.
5. Generally, I was in the dark about how their service would help and their website process was not clear about what they would be providing. The social security employees did not even request a SS-5 form from me.

The service was not needed, was misleading and had no value.

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