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GoPro reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Aug 31, 2009. The latest review gopro wo ist mein GELD ! keine Rückerstattung! was posted on Mar 20, 2021. The latest complaint customer service & product was resolved on Apr 21, 2017. GoPro has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 47 reviews. GoPro has resolved 3 complaints.

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GoPro Complaints & Reviews

Goprogopro wo ist mein GELD ! keine Rückerstattung!

Artikel wurde zurückgesendet per DPD [protected] und auch zugestellt am 28.1.21 kein Kontakt zum Kundenservive möglich, es gibt keine Widerrufsbelehrung, kein Widerufsformular, keine Rücksendeadresse keine AGB NICHTS ! vollkommen Rechtsfrei!

Link hier im Paypal kontakt ist verfügbar : "Epic fail. 404 page not found. Sometimes getting radical comes at a cost."

Seit 3 Monaten warte ich auf mein GELD !

die Bewertungen bei google und Trustpilot sprechen Bände ! ES GIBT KEINEN KUNDENSERVICE BEI GOPRO

Invoice CS-4281444
order MP-[protected]

gopro wo ist mein GELD ! keine Rückerstattung!

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    Dec 09, 2019

    Gopro — order status

    I have send in my camera on the 2nd of November and go pro received on the 8th, per tracking number, it i...

    Goprogo pro hero 5 black

    Hi Go Pro Team

    i have been using my Go Pro hero 5 Black for last two years.
    i bought this from Camera.lk sri lanka ( probably your agent in sri lanka )
    i have taken my camera all around the world under water and up on snowy mountains.
    but yesterday i took it snorkeling with me but unfortunately this happened.
    it absorbed some water and now it is giving high strong chemical smell and doesnt work.

    please find attached pictures and videos of the camera current situation.

    could you please tell me how to fix this and why this happens? This is my thrid go pro camera.


    go pro hero 5 black
    go pro hero 5 black
    go pro hero 5 black
    go pro hero 5 black
    go pro hero 5 black
    go pro hero 5 black
    go pro hero 5 black

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      Goprogo pro session 5

      I brought a go pro for my sons birthday, he has only used it for 2 Ski trips and on his last trip to Yorkshire he was kayaking and noticed the screen was cracked after his trip . He had it on his chest and is not sure how it happened and did not bump it or anything. I am about disappointed as for the money I paid and the activities it boasts to be able to endure I thought it would be more durable and hardy than that.

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        Goprogopro 7 black

        Hi there, I bought a GoPro 7 Black at Incredible Connection at Fourways Mall in Johannesburg for my partner for our Honeymoon in Greece. We are currently in Paros. We used the GoPro 7 Black for the first time today. When we got to the beach trying to take few shots and video in the water the camera started indicating that there is no Sim Card and it shut off-it doesn't want to come back on now. When we opened the original casing and to check what is wrong when we opened the battery opening water came out. We used the camera in less than 1m depth. This is unacceptable when the advertising says it is waterproof up to 10m. All covers were properly shut. We wanted to record our honeymoon and our trip around Greece, now we won't be able to record anything and the camera is not working. Please provide details as soon as possible how we can have the camera replaced.
        Marita Etsebeth

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          Sep 25, 2019

          Gopro — product not received

          June 24th or around that time frame i ordered a Go Pro 7 under the upgrade program where i sent in a camera...

          Gopro.comtrying to return camera for refund

          Waiting over a week to receive info about GoPro returns policy. Ringing them is fruitless. They have no information to give. If you email, they send generic email asking to ring in or go on 'chat'. Chat line is always busy; impossible to get through to speak to someone. Have tried on several occasions. Most frustrating for consumer but seem intentional by GoPro! Dreadful company to deal with.

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            Goprowarranty service process

            5 months have past and GoPro has not yet finalized my warranty for my Hero 7 Black ($400 camera) Everytime I call they tell me to wait, and they will contact me soon. They've shown complete neglegence and disreguard for my case and don't seem to care one bit about my service. I am subscribed to GoPro Plus AND my camera is still under warranty yet they basically have [censored]ed me over and seem to have abandoned my case. They've never contacted me once on their own.

            Several times I've called and been given no information. I feel so disrespected and spit on by this company...

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              I ordered a GoPro Hero 7 Black online and paid via PayPal on the 11th August 2019. After a few days I chased my order and was told they couldn't find my order. I was asked to take a screenshot of my payment and they would sort it out. I did whilst talking to the guy on the other end. He apologised for the delay and that I would get an email when the camera would be dispatched. A week later.. nothing I called again and cancelled the order. I was told I would get a refund but would take 10-15 days! Why? You have proof I paid. I need my money back. I can't afford to just give £379 away.

              Please can you refund me ASAP. I have attached my paypal receipt.
              Thank you,
              Paula Bird


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                Goprocase number [protected] customer service/ subscription service charge but not rendered

                I placed an order for a Go Pro 7 and accessories back in July on GoPro.com. After placing my order, I was subsequently sold the monthly subscription, which I also bought. Received an order confirmation for both the hardware and the subscription from GoPro.

                On the 29 July 2019, received an email from GoPro saying that GoPro had cancelled my order citing "issue".

                29 Aug, I saw a charge on my credit card relating to the subscription service for GoPro and contacted customer service to query because I had no way of using the subscription if GoPro will not sell me the hardware (please note it was GoPro that cancelled my order) . The customer service agent informed me that I will be refunded.

                30 August I received an email to tell me the refund cannot be processed as it had passed the date?? and I had to contact customer service in order to get the refund process. I reached out to a Customer Service Agent named "Gee" who was frustratingly rude and annoying. In so many words this agent "Gee" told me

                1. GoPro does not care if I can use the subscription or not even when GoPro was responsible for not selling me the hardware. What other reason would anyone buy your service subscription? To use with a DJI hardware?

                2. It was my own damn fault for not monitoring the subscription. I did not stop the purchase, Go Pro stopped my order but did not think it was appropriate to cancel the subscription. Charging for a service that a customer cannot use is akin to theft.

                3. Gee told me Customer Service, Sale, Order support and Subscription are not related? Really? Not all part of the same company? so the fact that my Order was cancelled had nothing to do with subscription charging for a service I cannot use because your Order department stopped me from buying the equipment to use the service. Where do you get staff with this kind of logic?

                Is this is your company's practice? to take money for services you do not rendered?

                Do you tell your customers about this shoddy business practice of yours?

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                  Aug 20, 2019

                  Gopro — gopro 7

                  I write from One Tribe TV, a TV production company from Wales. We're a UK production company with prime time...

                  Goprogopro stolen in transit - 1 month later still no refund

                  I ordered a go pro hero 7 black for a holiday to Rome. The package arrived 4 days later but the box was empty despite being sealed. I contacted go pro on the phone the same day and was promised quick action. A month later and after exchanging several phone calls i was promised my refund was in the process to me. i called up last week to chase the refund only to be told they were still investigating and the call centre could do nothing but told be to be patient. still nothing so no i am applying to the trading standards to try and achieve a refund this way

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                    Jul 09, 2019

                    Gopro — go pro hero 7 white

                    Synopsis of events; Dates will be scheduled should this dispute escalate to formal Civil proceedings: Case No...


                    After you buy the expensive camera, the service is bad. There is no refunds even after you return the product. Everything the website says about returns is a big fat lie. They have currently stolen my money even after I returned the camera in the same condition that they sent it to me in. I paid £379 for this. All this money went in the bin and I don't even have a camera to show for it. I would not recommend buying from a company like this.

                    I have shopped online with many online retailers and have not had this kind of problem. When I returned the product, my money was returned to me in 3-5 working days. It has now been 2 months and this company keeps lying they will refund my money and they have not and doesn't seem like they will.

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                      Goprocancelled order not accepted

                      On 10/19 I placed an order for a gopro accessory around 8 pm, after placing the order #NA01546456 I realized two things, I don't need the product and I am going on a trip and will not arrive in time. The customer service was already closed and on their website it indicated cancellations have to be called in. Next morning I called at 7:00 AM their starting time to cancel the order, I was put on hold for about 4 minutes and the person (Shake) told me sorry it was too late to cancel. I explained that I was not able to cancel any earlier due to their limitations and that I had order other items and it always took days for the order to go out. I got frustrated and asked for her supervisor multiple times to what I was told that their was no need she understood my aggravation as I requested the cancellation timely. She would take care of it and no need for a supervisor.

                      I also explained that I would be out of the country and will not be able to accept the package.

                      Today on 10/22 two days after I requested to cancel the order I receive an e-mail that my order has been shipped out. What? the customer service is pathetic here, it should be noted that they advertise their shipments as two days, what they fail to mention its two days of actual shipping once that place it in the fex ex package which is two days after the order. My actual gopro camera that I order was supposed to be two days shipping but it took 4 days to get it to shipping and then two more days, total of 6 days. Misrepresentation.

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                        Goprogopro hero 6

                        Worst company in the world!
                        I bought a broken camera from gopro (brand new on apple store).
                        The camera is total [censored]. I asked for a replacement, but gopro sent me used and broken cameras. I am calling every day to gopro and each call takes minimum 1 hour. Unfortunately, they won't give me a new camera. The only thing they offer is another used camera. The customer service offered me a voucher for 100 dollars to buy another camera. But my camera is still under warranty. Why would I buy another [censored] like this if they don't support their customers?
                        Dont wast your money. Never buy this [censored]!!!
                        Buy your camera on wish and pay 50 dollars. At least they replace it with no questions if you need.

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                          Gopro — gopro hero 6 rma warranty process

                          Ive been waiting almoost 15 days for my replacement gopro hero 6, costumer service does not know where my...

                          Gopro — hero 5 black

                          I got this for christmas the year before last. It worked for 2 months before water started leaking in. I wa...

                          Goprogopro camera new warranty evasion

                          Think you have a Warranty Coverage for the NEW EXPENSIVE GoPro Camera - WITH FACTORY DEFECT - you just purchased from a National Photography (or ANY "BIG MAJOR REPUTABLE) Store?

                          Think AGAIN ! DID YOU CHECK with GoPro "Store Locator" that this Camera Store - that you've purchased from for 40+ years - "IS A GoPro Authorized" Retailer ??!?!?!??!?!

                          Oh? You Didn't ??? VERY FEW STORES ARE GoPro "Authorized" - YOU HAVE NO WARRANTY !!!

                          However obviously "Factory Defective" right out of the NEW SEALED BOX - YOU ARE SCREWED !!!

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                            Goprogopro 5 black

                            I was very excited to purchase a GoPro 5 Black. I saved up money for it before my semester abroad in Argentina (which is where I am currently). I saved enough to get a newer model and several accessories which in total was easily an investment of $500, if not more. I figured that with such an investment I would now be capable of creating high quality videos, or at the very least, decent quality videos. I can not express how frustrated I have been with the result and how disappointed I have been. I wish I had saved my money and spent it on something abroad, because the go pro editing software is in a word, awful.

                            For my first project, I used the Quik editing software, excited that Go Pro had created software specifically for editing go pro videos and with the intention of simplifying the process of editing. Once I created the video and exported it to youtube, I was disappointed to find that the quality was diminished and the videos were not full screen.

                            I figured that maybe this was a result of using a simplified software or from editing from the mobile app, so with my second video I attempted to edit from the the Go Pro Studio from my Mac Computer. The software took a day just to compress the files and then longer than a few days to edit the clips and export it as a complete movie. I was excited to finally view the final product and was disappointed to find that it was choppy and lagging through the entire video. In other words, the software had taken over 3 or 4 days to produce a video that couldn't even run smoothly.

                            I have read online forums with similar complaints about the go pro editing software that have said paying additional money for adobe premiere is the best option for editing. However, I did not spent 500 dollars with the intention or expectation that I would have to spend additional money out of pocket just to be able to edit and view the videos I created, especially because the model of Go Pro that I bought was advertised as being simple to edit (with high quality videos on display as if to prove one could effortlessly make such videos with the camera and editing software).

                            I am disappointed that I now have beautiful memories captured on video that I cannot display in an accessible fashion to share with friends or family, which certainly defeats the entire purpose of why I bought this product to begin with.

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