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Cameras And Parts Reviews 5

10:52 pm EDT
Verified customer This review was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Cameras And Parts Projector Pro eBay Seller (Bell & Howell R8 / Super 8mm film projector)

Projector Pro sold this Buyer a Bell & Howell R8 / Super 8mm film projector. As shipped and out of the box, the projector presented with an unidentified rattling coming from inside of its base, which was later identified as six broken-off pieces of plastic The Seller indicated had originated from a different projector. In addition, and more critically, the 110-Volt power cord was not connected to the circuit board, and it lay bare. The projector was not in working order even though advertised as being fully restored and in perfect operating order in the terms of sale. Projector Pro was contacted and Buyer and Seller engaged in a video teleconference to troubleshoot the issues. During the call, Projector Pro provided real-time instructions on the process for connecting the power cord. Although the Buyer had no prior electrical experience, they successfully made the connection, as instructed. However, when the Buyer tested the projector’s power plug in a 110-Volt outlet, it created a power surge that tripped a circuit breaker in the home’s main panel and shorted out the target outlet plus five others. Options for the machine’s replacement were discussed and Projector Pro agreed the Buyer would return the first projector and exchange it for a duplicate model. The Buyer initially agreed to the exchange, but later same day, notified Projector Pro they had changed their mind. The primary reason being that the Buyer became concerned on the risk of receiving a second compromised projector that could cause the same problems and to prevent any future expense.

Projector Pro agreed to provide a full refund by email, which considering the circumstances, the Buyer reasonably assumed included the cost of return shipping. The Buyer initiated the return / refund via eBay, which under Seller shipping policy, “required” the Buyer to pay for return shipping. During the return and refund process, the Buyer was not afforded any consideration even though Projector Pro shipped a machine in non-operational condition due directly to the power plug never being installed. As well, even though the Buyer was fully cooperative and attempted to repair their own projector. Project Pro “did not or chose not” to oversee the refund process on the Buyer’s behalf and they were not compensated the shipping charge, as agreed. The Buyer wound up paying $48.02 for return shipping which eBay deducted from the $272.85 total cost of the order. Upon query with eBay, they would not accept an appeal as they claimed the Buyer had already received a "full refund." An appeal was filed for reimbursement with PayPal and is currently pending.

Additional punitive costs were incurred by the Buyer as they could not resolve the tripped circuit breaker caused by the projector’s faulty power cord. The Buyer had to hire a residential electrician at $165.00 (see attached invoice) to diagnose and restore power to the home. In total, the personal cost to this Buyer of doing business with Projector Pro was $213.05, with an end result of a failed projector sale, and empty handed with no working projector to show for their time, effort and money. The Buyer strongly urges any / all prospective film projector buyers to carefully consider this review before conducting business with Projector Pro.

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Cameras And Parts Complaints 4

9:17 am EDT

Cameras And Parts The communication was shady, the phone call was weird, and trying to sell me something was just not cool

Alright, here's my experience. Camera broke because of lens error some time in September. Decided to send it to this website for repairs because I loved my camera and it cost a lot to get a new one and the warranty was over. Well, after weeks of sending in my camera, I never got a response. I kept writing to the company, to a woman named Christina who said parts for my camera was on order from overseas. I felt relieved I even got a response and I decided to wait a bit. 2 weeks go by, nothing. So, I write them again, no response. I was working for a lawfirm at the time, so I demanded a response before I take legal action. I finally get a response after a day. They even tried to call me.

Well, Mike calls and he talks for a long long time. He explained what was wrong with the camera. I had no idea what was wrong with it, and all the tech talk was a bit confusing. But he seemed friendly, hyper, and went on to explain how he fixed the lens, replaced this and that with overseas part, and even gave it a thorough cleaning. Which sounded great. But after a while he was trying to sell me a battery, and that went on for a bit. I didn't want to buy anything from them since I was already paranoid about the company returning my camera. He tells me to give my payment information and such. Apparently, they don't charge you until the service is complete. So, I was hesitant but i believed him. I gave him payment, and he said he will ship my camera back to me.

Surprisingly, I get the camera back a week later. [It took a total of 2 1/2 months to get it back from sending the camera in and getting it back] I decided to test the camera, it turns on, BUT when I take pictures. It's blurry all the time. So, I get the camera back but the quality is not what I expected for it to be fixed. It was almost as if this great broken camera started working again but became lower-end quality =/

I would have tried or taken some legal action, but I was just glad to get my camera back. I wouldn't risk it though, I was 90% sure I was gonna get ripped off if it wasn't for my legal ties. The communication was shady, the phone call was weird, and trying to sell me something was just not cool.

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Feb 17, 2017 10:12 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I read the good reviews, sent my camera in with full payment, then I read the bad reviews. The bad reviews are the ones to take note of. After three months, no camera and they have my money. You can't reach them by phone and they might get back to you on email. Check their past, the BBB report in ElPaso and search out the complaints. I believe the good reviews are suspicious. The address you send your camera to is a UPS store. Let the buyer beware. Save up for a new camera.

Jul 27, 2012 5:25 am EDT

Sent my camera in 3 months ago. Part was delayed in China, blah, blah, blah! Out of curiosity I Googled their address - guess what - it's a UPS store!

Feb 24, 2011 6:11 pm EST

Complete and utter rip off. Send these jokers your camera at your peril. Do some research and above all do not use this bunch of crooks.

Jul 09, 2014 8:37 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Cameras and Parts does not intend to repair and return any cameras. They will string you along as long as possible, but you will never get your camera back. That is a fact!

8:24 pm EDT

Cameras And Parts I would never, ever recommend this company to someone for camera repair

I sent my Canon G9 for repair at the beginning of February 2011.

I received a call on Feb 16 saying the camera was in service. On March 1st I called and was told the engineer was out until Friday. On March 8 I was told the camera would be sent out in 2-3 days and would be upgraded to priority shipping.

I have not received my camera. I haven't received any emails from the company. Certainly no tracking numbers for the return shipping.

I have raised a dispute with paypal. I seriously wonder what is going on with this company. Everyone that has sent their camera to seems to have had serious problems, and the glowing praise that comes from the one time posters is obviously camerasandparts trying to drum up business for themselves.

I would never, EVER recommend this company to someone for camera repair. You'll wait months for the camera to be repaired, if it ever is - you may not see it again.

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5:20 pm EST

Cameras And Parts Lost my camera and my money

THIS is a SCAM. I lost my camera and my money. When I didn't receive my camera in a month and a half, I contested the payment with PayPal. I got a call back from Mike and he was so "nice" and said he would expedite the repair, I just needed to go back to PayPal and have the dispute resolved. Once I did that, PayPal doesn't let you go back again. I lost the $$ and never got my camera!

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5:53 pm EST

Cameras And Parts I now believe they have no intention of ever returning my camera

I sent them my camera 3 months ago and so far all I get is email promises and lots of excuses about whem my camera will be repaired. I now believe they have no intention of ever returning my camera so don't fall for the phony reviews. I have call them and Emailed them many many time and get nowhere.

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New York, US
Feb 22, 2011 3:23 pm EST

Unfortunately, you are one of many people scammed by camerasandparts. You best bet is to contact the El Paso Better Business Bureau and lodge a complaint. There is a groundswell of anger against this company and I believe the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is building a case against them. Interestingly, so many people, like me, are dedicated to putting these crooks out of business after being ripped off by them. Sadly, they'll probably shut up shop. register another name and start the whole sordid business all over again.

very angry man
Toronto, CA
Feb 10, 2011 3:45 pm EST

I met same situation.I send my camera 3 month ago, but don't get it back. I called and email them many time, no response.

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