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Bought Goodman never again 2 burnt blower motors and now a defective evaporator coil and on top of that my installer said it's all warranted through Goodman for
10 years but now Goodman says they will not warranty the units for 10 years only 5 because a form was not filed within 90 days from install this is bull it's because they are in a class action law suite about having lot and lots of defective coils and so there trying to get out of covering there 10 year warranty on a technicality and because they know there stuff will only last for 5 year and now turning the blame on homeowners for there installing company negligence in not filing there paperwork timely by saying Oh that's the homeowners responsibility to file the warranty paperwork and if the don't we will penalize them for our defective products
Let's face it paperwork or not it should not effect the warranty if there stuff was built rite from the beginning and they felt a 10 year warranty was proper then filing a form should not matter it does not change the MFG date or the install date or the way they make there products
They have not heard the last from me this is just a start
Buy Trane not Goodman and save your self lots of headaches dealing with Goodman's customers service is a joke just a headache
I'm not asking for labor charges or the 10 lbs of Freon that was lost do to there defective coils just to stand behind there 10 year policy and provide the parts to replace there known bad inferior parts for the10 year period they promised
If your looking for Hvac work do your home work ck out the net for all the people having issues with Goodman then buy something else more reliable like American Standard or Trane I wish I did.

If your interested in resolving this please have some one from upper management contact me ASAP as your customer service people are worthless

goodman furnace gmh950703bx, serial no: [protected]

Our HVAC tech suggest we buy a Goodman furnace when we built our house in 2014. We moved in the new home after construction in 2015. Within a year we started having problems with the Furnace.

First we had issues with the Circuit Board which was replaced, then we have the heat exchanger problem which was replaced and now the Blower does not work. It seems the unit I got is made from left over or damaged parts.

I've called the houston office and the Toronto office and they expect me to keep paying for labour when ever one of the parts fail. you would expect a good quality product that would last atleast 4-5 years without any issues. I would understand it it were some small parts failing but its the major parts.

I've asked them to replace the unit and they will not do that.

HVAC - heating and air conditioning

I own 2 homes, both have Goodman heat pumps and air handlers installed in 2007. I am have the exact same...

Bad Product

Gilmore Heating n Air in Placerville Ca.(Goodman was the manufacturer) were told at the time it was the "top...

World's worst heat pump

This heat pump was installed when my new house was built in
May 2010. In January 2011 it required
piston replacement when it stopped heating the home. Then in June 2012 it required a replacement
of the indoor evaporator coil when it stopped producing A/C. Then in June 2014 it required replacement of
the outdoor evaporator coil when it stopped producing A/C. So in the first 4 years, it has required 3
major repairs. Sure, Goodman provides a
5-year warranty on all parts. But my
most recent repair still cost over $1, 000 for the labor and refrigerant. (The refrigerant is NOT included in the
warranty, and that alone cost more than $600 this time.) I complained to Goodman, who told me I should
have paid for the additional labor warranty as well. I suppose if you insist on buying a Goodman
heat pump, then I would recommend the full labor warranty. But any person with half a brain should
simply choose a heat pump from a company that is NOT widely recognized as the
worst in the business (seriously, check any 3rd party review site). I will never be a Goodman customer again.

  • Ry
    RyanBogadi Jul 16, 2014

    If you've experienced similar issues with your evaporator coils, you may be interested in this class action lawsuit:

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Can I get my money back?

I bought satellite direct on my computer from and they said I would not have to pay any more money for the things they advertised including films. When I tried to get some films on their product I was asked to buy one or two years subscription. I only had this for my wife for films. The advertisement is misleading. I did not subscribe for the films. Can I get my money back?

Junk service

This A/C U.S.A company is producing total crap

and ripping off the consumer, and unable to

stand behind their american A/C cheap product

please help and voice your c/o to [protected]

if there is a lemon law for an a/c yes, I would like

to know coz GOODMAN says, they only deal w/ a/c service

tech and not us consumers, if this is the case,

then they shouldn't be

selling there products in the U.S.A, correct?

this is why one should purchase an LG product

if made right; one you can stand behind GOODMAN!

  • La
    Larey Oct 31, 2012

    I replaced my AC and heater unit 8 Aug 2012. When it started getting cold (30 Sep 12) I tried turning my heater on and it did not work. I contacted the contractor and he came the next day and fixed it. On 7 Oct 12, when I woke up, I noticed that he house was cold. I check the heater and noticed that it was not working. I contacted the contractor again and he told me that he could not come because he was installing a unit in West Virginia. After been cold all day, I contacted another Goodman’s certified repairman to come fix the heater the following day (8 Oct 12). The repairman checked the heater out and said that the Gas Valve in the heater was bad and needed replacing. He charged me $69 for the visit and quoted me a labor charge of $225 to install another Gas Valve; the quoted price was for labor only, the parts was under warrantee. He suggested that I contact the installer and have him replace the valve free of charge. I again contacted the contractor who came the same day (8 Oct 12). He checked the heater and came up with the same diagnoses that the gas valve was not working. The following day (9 Oct 12), I had to contact the installer and remind him to order the gas valve. He then text me three times requesting my last name, the model and serial number and later to inform me that he had to come to the house and remove and take the defective gas valve with him. On (10 Oct 12) I again contacted the contractor who informed me that it will take 2 days to get the parts. Concerns – I have 7 other relatives living with me; 4 are children, the youngest is 7 months old, two are 3 years old and the other is 4 years old. I have been using the oven and a gas fireplace to keep part of the house warm. I am concern about my gas and electric bill. I went out and bought 2 space heaters to keep the basement comfortable which is where the 4 children and their mother sleeps. Who is responsible for the cost of the repairs? What action can be taken for reimbursement on my gas & electric bill? This problem is due to faulty manufacturing part on the heater, Request reimburse for the cost incurred of keeping my family warm.- Request payment of my gas and electric bill (unknown at this time) estimated $500 – $700). I attribute the full cost to pain, suffering and inconvenience to family.- I would like to be reimburse for the cost of 2 space heaters ($150).- I would like Gooman to pay (the contractor) cost for the repair of the heater (unknown at this time). Also the d $69 listed above. On 20 Oct 2012; the heater was finally fixed. The contractor contacted 2 other contract company to come work on the heater and M.E. FLOW INC., finally got it working.

    10/29/2012 – I just wanted to add that it seems my heater is inoperative again. I woke up this morning to a cold house, I tried starting the heater at the thermostat and it did not start. I contacted the contractor again, who is sending someone today to take a look at it. So, here I am again with this problem AGAIN!!!.

    The contractor (Ramon Trejo) sent a repairman from M.E. FLOW INC., Alexandria VA 22306, to come work on the heater. About an hour later, he came and informed me that the heater is currently working, however, he had to rig the molex plug that connects the motherboard to the gas valve in order to make the unit work. He said that both the molex plug and the gas valve will need to be replaced and the fix is just a temporary fix and did not know how long it will hold. I informed him that the gas valve was replaced 2 weeks ago.

    For a brand new unit, the reliability and poor workmanship of this heater is totally unacceptable; compounded with 40 and 50 degree weather outside. I have my 4 grandchildren living with me, ages 8 months, 3 and 4 years old; I also have my 3 daughters living with me. I had a heater in my house that was not giving me any problems. Since I was having AC problem, I decided to upgrade to a better more efficient AC and heating system. This heating system has been everything but reliable. This is the 3rd time since it’s installation in August that I have had to call the contractor for repair of the heater. Is this an idea of what I can expect in the future or is the manufacture of this inferior unit going to take the responsibility and have it replaced at their expense? How much more hardship can I expect?


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  • Da
    Danny610 Mar 12, 2014

    2 1/2 year old inside coil is leaking my local contractor said they have replaced well over a hundred of them and has since quit carrying thier brand.( I would not advise buy this product) they need to own up to this a make things right!

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Unreliable Product

We purchased a new home in September of 2006. Contractor who built the home had a Goodman Heat Pump 13 seer...

Lemon Product

This company should be investigate for their products. More and more contractors are installing this product because of its lack of quality and ensuing additional charges they are able to charge. My units units are less than 5 years old. Have lost 2 compressors, several boards, and leaking coil. I tried to contact the contractor (Prentis Alsup) he wouldn't extend the warranty and said they were not going to sell the product anymore. Tried through Goodman, followed their requested process and never heard a word back. Called them again and was told to get lost. If someone knows about a class action suit, I would like to know about it. LEMON LAW?

  • Th
    TheACguy May 12, 2011

    I'm a licensed HVAC contractor in the Houston area who occasionally sells
    Goodman equipment and I can honestly say that Goodman is just as Good as any other brand, they use the exact same compressor as Carrier, Rheem or Trane, same for all the other misc parts such as fan motors, capacitors, relays ect.. ect.. are all the same and are usually made in China or Mexico.
    the key to a long lasting HVAC system is having it installed by someone who knows what they're doing then having it serviced atleast once a year in the spring and preferably once in the fall to.
    Steve Spears
    Spears AC & Heating TACLB 27674E

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  • Co
    coveredbrdgelady Apr 05, 2012

    We too have a LEMON Amana product, or should say, HAD as it went to the landfill yesterday. Amana Heatpump, started breaking down at two years with coil leaking and had to be replaced, compressor went out and replaced, contactor and wires burned, had electrical issues and never knew when it would run or wouldn't run. No help at all from Goodman's. Basically told me to get lost. Local dealer was ready to throw up his hands and quit servicing it, as he couldn't find the problem. Tech Rep was supposed to come and go throught the whole unit. He won't return calls, emails, or make an appointment. Believe me, we are bad-mouthing this piece of junk everywhere we can. Happy day yesterday when the crane took it off the roof and replaced it with a beautiful RHEEM. Should have bought this in the first place. THIS AMANA JUNK WAS ONLY 3 YEARS OLD WHEN WE REPLACED IT!!

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