Good Housekeeping Magazineinvoice for unsolicited magazine subscription

M Sep 15, 2018

Below, is an email message I sent to Good Housekeeping Magazine's Customer Service:

"I just received an invoice for thirteen issues of a Good Housekeeping Magazine with an amount due of $8.53. It appears that this subscription was surreptitiously attached to a Good Housekeeping sweepstakes entry that I entered last week.
Oddly enough, last week I received another invoice via US mail. This one was for HGTV Magazine requesting $19.99. I didn't order HGTV Magazine; so on 9/11/18, I called Customer Service to request cancellation of that unsolicited subscription. Josh, in Customer Service, cancelled the subscription and issued confirmation #5210069.
I am requesting cancellation of 13 issues of Good Housekeeping for $8.53."

I am now waiting for their response.

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