GolfNowuse of promo code, issues, and support

G Sep 01, 2018

A recent example of the initial issue is the set of "conditions" for a promo that are either not obvious or are non-existent regarding EARN20 as a single use promo. This is the 1st one I have experienced that is singular use. Not knowing that, I continued trying to book a 2nd tee time but got "Invalid Promo Code" messages ad nauseum over a 4 day period. When I called support to ask for help, the service rep did not listen to the issue but rather spouted how promo codes are used - a process with which I am familiar.
Efforts to find a supervisor are time-consuming with long waits online or simply don't work. When I did get a "supervisor", I was told that "the message was a poor choice of words by marketing."
Searching for an email address is fruitless. This is as close as I have gotten to something other than a tightly controlled call center.
I have enjoyed the use of GolfNow when it works and I have saved money but it can be very frustrating when it doesn't and then add insult to injury with a call center that seems distracted, ill-informed or not invested.

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