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I deposited 5000 pounds with golden markets and was given Luke Adamson as my accounts manager he was always in touch with me asking to up grade my account at one point it reach about 3000 euros profit when I tried to withdraw money from this account I get a call don't withdraw this money as all the Arabs are coming over and amazon showing great profits .but after about 30 mins on the phone he new I was not going to invest more money .after trying to get at my money it all disappeared and the answer I got was bit coin had crashed and he had lost a lot of money as well .there is 275 euros left in my account which I can not withdraw something to do with a third party .then I get a call from Mr John Baker asking me to deposit more money so I would get my money back as Luke Adamson did not manage my account properly .I said I would not invest any more money in golden markets as I have tried to withdraw money only to get a knock back it just the same market trading -trade who took 2000 pounds from my account with out my permission that was in April and they still will not refund it they all look lick scams stay clear from [protected]


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    isamad Aug 21, 2018

    So many scams like this nowadays, I know how this feels because I have also been a victim of a trading scam when i fell for a scam broker but luckily i was able to get all my money back with the help of a certified ethical hacker and recovery expert, you can send him an email via [email protected] i am sure he can get you your money back like he got mine back and other people's too.

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