Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS] / the bus driver on bus number ph 1925 from town centre to tygervalley center left between 8:10 and 8:30

South Africa

Driver refused to stop at bus stop of my selection. As at the previous bus stop people are getting off the bus and I start making my way forward to the front of the bus as I'll be getting off at the next bus stop, and as I do so I press the stop button driver sees me in his rear view mirror making my way forward, as we get closer to my stop I realise that he never decreased his speed yet I press the button again and inform him here is a bus stop, his response is that I pressed the button to late and he still refused to stop. Drops me off at a further drop of as I had to make my way back to work with a extra 5min walk.

I am here to inform the golden arrow bus service, that should this matter not be dealt with to my satisfaction, I will then go forth with reporting this to all social media's, news papers and hello petter. And I'll attach the photos I have taken from the driver and the bus

Should you wish to get back to me contact me on [protected] or email shafiq.[protected] or [protected]

Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS]
Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS]

Jun 12, 2019

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