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i would not recommend this company or any of the other two company they are contracted with i was over charged$3293.00 and they reunied my $500.00 cabinet in the move they threw my items on a truck and delivered them that way. i contacted the company and filed a claim and the fact that this was the most stressful move i've ever made and have not heard back from them, i'm asking for a refund of the $3293.00 and $500.00 for the cabinet they destroyed.i will NEVER recommend nor use this company again.thans for the help if i get any

scam and damaged item

September - October 2019
Moving Estimate #3307805

Absolutely awful. One of the worst experiences of my life. They seemed amazing at first, but turns out it was all an act. The company actually moving my stuff was Brooklyn Movers. The main guy was vaping inside my apartment and right in front of my face sometimes. His English was horrible. He told me that my quote was actually double after they had already packed all my stuff up. When I spoke to Gold Standard the day of and the days after, they kept telling me they couldn't find any discrepancies and that I owed double the initial amount. Fortunately for me, I measured the cubic footage of my stuff beforehand and knew for a fact that they vastly overestimated the amount. After consistently badgering and threatening them, they said they had the foreman double check the amount by unloading and reloading the truck. They said it was actually only 400 cubic feet instead of 600 cubic feet. That still was an overestimate, but I was pretty freaking tired of dealing with them at this point so I just went with it until I could file a federal complaint since they broke so many federal laws. (Trust me, I know because I looked it up.) Not only were they awful to deal with, but my bookshelf was broken during the move as well. This is just the summary of my nightmare. I have all of the email records saved as well as pictures of the damaged item.

racist staff made for horrendous moving experience


fraudulent representation and horrific customer service

The Gold Standard way is to present a pattern of lies to their customers starting in sales conversation:
1. They present themselves as a moving company. I received an email that said, "Luckily this is a route my drivers run 2-3 times per week." They lead you to believe they have control over the routes, the schedules and the drivers. They refer to "our" trucks and "our" drivers and "our" cross-country moving licenses.
2. The sales person specifically told me there was a truck which ‘just so happened' to be in the area of the country I needed a mover - that was traveling to the EXACT location I needed my things delivered - on the EXACT same dates I needed. He said it would be so convenient because the truck needed to be to the east coast the week after the pickup, so I would have my belongings by the next week. And, since it was so convenient, they would give me a huge discount because I was essentially doing them a favor as their truck wouldn't have to drive from MN to the east coast empty. Shame on me for falling for this BS.

What actually happened? They contracted the move out to a random moving company (who then turned around and subcontracted the move to yet a different company). The communication from start to finish was terrible. You can't get a straight answer. They constantly say they'll get you answers and then never get back to you. They hand you off to one employee after another. They yell at you and blame you for their shortcomings. My belongings were delivered a full 3-weeks after the timeframe their sales person sold me in our call (which, had I known the reality - I never would have hired them and would have done it myself).

I was given a 3-hour pickup window by Gold Standard for June 4. On June 4th, the movers called to confirm their arrival the following day. My parents were the ones meeting the moving company and had coordinated their entire week around the pickup on the 4th, so they were not available on the 5th. Because of the mixup on Gold Standard's part, I was forced to give my consent for to a pickup date outside my contracted move dates.

On the new date of the move, I was told the movers would arrive between 9am and noon. Sam specifically said that my pickup was the first of the day and to expect the movers on the earlier end of the window. My parents showed up at 8:30am and waited at the storage unit until the movers showed up EIGHT HOURS LATER.

Gold Standard told me it was my fault because I had agreed to a discounted move and this is what you get with a discount. I dealt with three or four people at their company during this whole pickup ordeal and every single employee lied to me (and my parents) in one form or another.

Then the following week comes - the week I was sold by the sales person would be my delivery date. I called and emailed to get a delivery date with very little response. Gold Standard began handing me off to the moving company and clearly didn't want to hear from me any longer. The week I was told would be my delivery quickly came and went without any updates, as did the following week. Then, I was told my delivery was on it's way across the country (only a week after I was sold that I would have my belongings) and was promised I would have my things between the 23rd and the 25th (and I quote, "at the latest, Tuesday {25th}"). Those dates came and went.

I called the movers directly on a daily basis inquiring without answer. In talking to the moving company, I was finally told that they had contracted out my move to yet another company. This third company is who I needed to talk to, but they hadn't been able to get a hold of them since they took possession of my things.

Long story short, I ended up doing the job of Gold Standard. I was the one who had to persistently contact the 3rd company's dispatch manager because I stopped getting answers from Gold Standard and from the moving company. If I hadn't been my own advocate, and done the job I paid Gold Standard to do for me, I don't think I would even have my things.

Sam called me at 12:30pm on the 2nd to let me know the movers would be arriving that day and I should expect their call. I let her know that the movers were AT my place and they were only at my home because I had done her job for her. It blows my mind that for the fee I paid them, they didn't even have a clue as to where my things were or when they were arriving.

Towards the end of the process, after expressing my extreme frustration over the lack of communication, the Customer service manager emailed me saying she had been in daily contact with me and had answered every email I sent her. I reminded her she had not been in contact with me for 10 days and I had sent four emails that week to her one response.

Gold Standard is the worst company I have ever encountered. I am a business owner and if I treated my customers with even a smidge of the disrespect Gold Standard treated me with - I'd be out of business in a snap. I don't understand how a company who has been listed on the Better Business Bureau for 10 months and has an average of 3 customer complaints a month is still in business. That means that 75% of the time they've been in business (or more pending customers who haven't complained) they have been providing service that is complaint worthy.

There is only one commonality with all the people who have written complaints here, and it has nothing to do with those of us writing the complaints - it has to do with Gold Standard. Any company that sells fraudulence, then blames, shames and otherwise abuses their clients in the manner in which Gold Standard has done repeatedly since the inception of the company deserves to be closed.

The worst part is, Gold Standard goes through their complaints on the Better Business Bureau to argue with their customers (they clearly haven't found this site yet, or you'd see what I mean). If nothing I've said convinces you to steer clear of this company, allow their responses to their customer complains to be all the information you need. Any company who treats their customers the way that Gold Standard does, well, they do not deserve your business.

moving broker

If I could give this company a negative star rating I would, -5 stars! I first dealt with a customer service...

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moving and storage

the company you hired 8 Mile Moving & Storage to move our items from Shelby Twp, Michigan to N Ft Myers, Florida were totally unacceptable. 2 boxes were marked damaged because of very obvious damage. the other 55 boxes looked ok until they were opened. when boxes were opened there was damage to a multitude of broken items. pictures that were in specific boxes designated for pictures and marked GLASS were completely ignored (broken glass and damaged frames). items that were marked fragile sustained significant damage. there was no concern for our personal items. all of the items shipped were wrapped in either bubble wrap and or heavy packing paper. we are still going through boxes to see what else is damaged or broken. we have several pictures documenting the damage but they are to numerous to enclose. I have called numerous times without success and left messages with no response.

[Resolved] moving (broker)

This is the short version of a complaint against a Florida-based moving broker, Gold Standard Relocation (GSR) (and New Jersey-based mover, Direct Movers (DM)) I filed with the BBB; there is so much more to complain about and I did with the Florida AG, who is investigating it further; the DOT; and the FTC.

7-16-19, 2018, I researched moving trucks for my nephew's move from NY to NM the end of July. I knew I could rent a truck for $2300 with unlimited mileage and my nephew would drive it. But I researched other options seeking the best deal using credit card only. One of the "moving" companies' reps I talked to was Garin Combs, GSR, who convinced me he could beat the $2300 because "they" had a full-service, direct-route truck, almost full, ready to head out by the end of July. But to get the 50% off and beat the $2300, I would have to sign the agreement now. I explained I hadn't talked to my nephew about the timing of the move or what household goods he needed to ship, but Garin told me because we were working with poundage (later to be changed to 1000 cubic feet without my knowledge/approval), the agreement for $826 down and the remainder ($1300) due at the end of the move would remain the same as long as we were at 2000 lbs or less ($.70/lb over that). Even after I provided a better, but far from complete, inventory, Garin noted I was still okay. I quickly reviewed the agreement and noted for the first time, GSR was a broker, not the actual carrier, but since the agreement appeared to be okay, I assumed these were all the charges, including the broker fees and mover's (still unknown to me). GSR had a good BBB and other ratings, so I assumed, wrongly, that GSR would contract with a reputable carrier. I signed the agreement and had 72 hours to back out. For the next 3 days, I couldn't reach anyone when my first credit card charge came in for $966.49, instead of $826, per the binding estimate. From this point on, every e-mail/agreement included a change, increase, etc. The next increase I paid was $1000 by cc. I've disputed this charge (really both cc charges) because it was charged by Liberty Bell Moving Group which I've since found out is owned/registered agent by the same person, but it has horrible ratings (also check out LB Moving Group). Since then I've also talked with the FL AG's Office, and if I'd known what I know now, I would have run from this company.

The next big surprise is when the mover, Direct Movers (DM) (Union City, NJ) (I'll be filing separate complaints on the mover's tactics) showed up late 7/29 (Sunday night), and after loading up my nephew's stuff, demanded $1500 in cash. He called me and I immediately called GSR (Caitlin) who "negotiated" MY payment in cash for later. I never agreed to pay any cash; I didn't have any. Everything would have to be credit card or it was a no go and Garin knew that (but I was no longer working with Garin)! I had to use a convenience check from my cc company (at usury interest rates), wait for the money to get put in my checking account to wire $1500 (the only acceptable way for the mover), which took a few days. I continued to argue with GSR (mostly Caitlin, but two others as well) to no avail. The $2300 move was now $3, 466.90 and I still owed another $1500 if we wanted my nephew's belongings. His belongings were now the hostage of two shoddy businesses and there was no way we were getting them back unless we paid more money. (I even tried telling them to offload his belongings, charge me for that and storage (whatever) and I'd find another mover...but no.) GSR, Caitlin, assured me they'd keep me informed of the move, but late 8-5, Sunday, I received a call from the DM driver. They'd be delivering on 8-7 (Tuesday), and $5, 000 in cash or PO money order to DM had to be paid if we wanted my nephew's stuff offloaded. Calls, arguments, etc. followed. GSR, Caitlin, "negotiated" the $5K down to $2K. When the truck arrived, we negotiated it to $1600 CASH (if I'd had a money order drawn for $2K, I wouldn't have had negotiation ability; thus, I chose to negotiate with cash (not a great way of doing business in my mind)). Now that we have my nephew's stuff, we're filing our numerous complaints with the DOT, FTC, State AGs, etc.

My dispute for $140.49 was not resolved in my favor because I gave them my credit card information for the $826 (but again, I didn't give it to them for the $966.49), but for the $1000 charge, it was resolved in my favor because it was a fraudulent charge by Liberty Bell Moving Group. My $2300 move actually cost $4066.49. But if GSR hadn't accidentally billed me $1000 using one of its other poorly-rated companies' services, which I successfully beat disputing the charge through my cc company (versus signing the non-disclosure agreement GSR, Sharon, offered me to not complain), and if I had had to pay $5k to get my nephew's belongings off of the truck, this move would have been $8466.49. A little higher than the promised $2300!

I doubt I'll ever get another cent back, but this broker (and this mover) needs to be red-flagged like its sister companies.

Call the FL AG's Office and check this site before you sign anything with this company.

I will never use a broker for a move again, especially those located in Florida. I wish Pam Bondi, the FL AG, good luck in cleaning up this industry in her state. I doubt I'll ever use a mover again, but if I do, I'll be sure I'm working with the mover, not a broker. And I can assure you DM is the last mover on earth I'd use.


Gold Standard Relocation and I came to an agreeable resolution to my complaint. My part of the agreement is to remove all negative reviews/complaints where I can, or at least note Gold Standard Relocation's efforts to make the situation right (per me, the customer). I appreciate GSR's efforts in this regard. PH

customer services and understanding of english

This company has very very poor command of speaking english. It is probably like a drunk person talking to you on the phone. They are very rude. And they wanted to put all the customer properties under their name. I felt oppressed and I would think this company is a scam. Not very nice and also very dangerous to talk to. I would never recommend people to use or employ this moving company at all. =[ horrible and scarified.

  • Updated by dabywong · Feb 19, 2020

    I wished I have that wonderful BREEZE service too...

  • Sa
    Sandy Kains Aug 15, 2018

    Amazing customer service! Very professional from start to finish. Gold Standard really saved me a ton of money and time! They took care of everything from start to finish and made moving a BREEZE!

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