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GM Financial review: Vehicle 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer

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My son purchased a vehicle in 2017 a brand new 2017 Mitsubishi lancer. Shortly after that he went into treatment at a veterans hospital in Milwaukee. At that time I was power of attorney for him and still am. He has never missed a payment. He has been late due to being locked out of his online account. He always pays more because I make most of the payments for him. It is almost impossible to get through to somebody and when you do you have to give up your first born child to get a customer service person. We just made another $470 payment. And I keep getting calls seeing I have had the calls forwarded to me because in the stress that it causes because he has PTSD is overwhelming. I am so tired of these rip-off artists. They keep adding interest my son informed me that they threaten to repossess and he has never missed a payment. The overage is interest payments from when we couldn't get in the account when they were updating the system which was a long time ago. We have receipts of payments. They keep asking for more payments to take it out of default which is BS. They should be put out of business.

This car was purchased from mad City Mitsubishi and then shortly they are there after they had to stop selling vehicles. I don't know for eligible for part of the class action suit but we certainly should be.

Desired outcome: Relief of the rest of the payments and the interest that they say is behind taking off and stop harassing phone calls because we've never missed a payment