Globe Telecomoutgoing service deactivated everyday


Globe Account: [protected]

Last Oct. 18, 2017 my phone got disconnected, when verified with Globe Telecom, I exceeded my spending limit of P1000 due to data charges. So we went to Globe Center immediately to pay half of the current charge, this is as per advise from their customer rep to get the line reconnected. Inspite of the payment we've made, my line's outgoing was deactivated the next day. When reported to Globe, they said that the system detecting the over on spending limit, maybe the payment was not yet posted and they manually activated it. Next day, it happened again, so we call again and still the same reason, that the system detects the over on the spending limit. How does that happen? We already paid half of the current charge. Looking at my account, it shows that I have a credit meaning, I have a negative balance which was coming from the payment we've made recently for reconnection. The frustrating part of our struggle with Globe is that we've been calling them and complaining but they didn't do any work around with my case. And they just let us call them everyday and they would manually activate my outgoing until my next billing cycle. Imagine for more than a week we're calling them as if they're very easy to contact. What if it happens 3 weeks before your next billing cycle, they will just let you call them everyday for 3 weeks. They should have done something to not deactivate my account since the currect charge is already negative balance. We were so frustrated and we were never this angry before. I thought my husband will get a heart attack every time he will call the Globe's customer service. GLOBE SUCKS. Very simple case and yet they were unable to handle it.

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