Global Adventurescabo villas

OMG don't anyone buy from this disreputable organization. When my son and I went there in Dec 2018 we negotiated a deal for 1 week at cabo villas which he said included the Global Adventures. Just went on line for the first time to check this out and noticed I do not have a week at Cabo Villa all I supposedly paid for was this crappy Global Adventures. Call the head scammer Adam Clapp and told him that I was specifically told I got one week at Cabo Villa which included the Global Adventures website. He said no look at your paper work that is not what you got. Well the paperwork is so dam vagi that you could interpret it either way. I am cancelling my agreement I do not care what they do they are flipping scammers . Went on the Global Adventures site umm lets say there are probably 4 to 5 places in thee WORLD that are worthy of me staying in, all the rest are dumps that you could get on your own for the same price. Also, their big selling feature was that I could use it like an air bnb fining luxury homes all over the world HAHAHA what a joke that is can't find ONE!!!

Oct 02, 2019

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