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GEICO review: Motorcycle insurance - refusal to address notification and billing issues as promised

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Basic Information:

I have a motorcycle insurance policy with GEICO which has been in good standing for approximately four years.

Florida insurance rules regarding UM coverage changed this year requiring policy holders to provide new signatures.


The Problem/Complaint:

Communications from GEICO did NOT provide complete or proper notice and I was billed for $1,800+ additional to my standard $240+ annual premium.

During attempts to resolve the issue, five (5) insurance agents individually gave promises to follow up with me with further documentation. Over a period of about 10 days of me calling GEICO, NONE of the five agents, nor anyone else, returned a phone call or provided information/documentation they stated would.

I face cancelation of my policy on August 1, 2022 "for non payment of premium" of $415.99 (cost for UM during period of time from policy renewal to date I completed the new rejection form). They have failed to address my questions about notification failures and state (and bill) that I still owe the money regardless of notification issues.


The Story:

As soon as I saw an email with the additional amount to be paid, I called GEICO within minutes. They explained the new Florida requirement and stated that they sent notices by text, email, phone call, and voice mail.

My records indicate I received only a text which had no pertinent information stating or inferring major changes or requirements for my policy. It merely stated there was "important information" and to call. Unfortunately, this is wording used in marketing by most companies therefore gives no real indication of necessity to respond. There was no deadline reply date. I do not recall reading the text yet it is in my records therefore I received it.

My records indicate a telephone call from GEICO was declined. Records do not indicate how or why it was declined and there was no voice mail left on my system thus I had no idea they called. Records indicate the text and declined call were both at the exact time. It is possible my phone declined the call if it was simultaneously processing the text.

**Note that I responded promptly to other GEICO voice mails regarding another matter.

After the text message mentioned above, I received and read a text message stating my premium payment of $241.34 would be billed to my credit card on a specific date. Amount and date were correct for my account. This message gives the full impression that all is normal on my account and gives no indication of urgent action needed nor any information inferring I was about to incur an $1,800+ INCREASE in premium.

**Note that a GEICO insurance agent directly stated (in a later phone call) that it was against Florida law to put any financial amounts in a message or voice mail. This was in response to my question about why they didn't include the astronomically high increase of the billing in the text message or a statement that Florida Law requirements have changed requiring action by me.

I received and read another text message a few days later (after renewal date) that my new renewal ID cards were "now available." Again, this gives the distinct image that all is normal on my account.

I received NO emails and NO US Mail from GEICO about this issue (GEICO claims to have sent an email plus claims to have sent US Mail with information about the new forms) except for two billing emails (described later in this complaint). The first email in June I missed due to a temporary medical incapacitation. The second email, I received and read 7/10/22 and called GEICO within 14 minutes of receipt.

**Note that I also use USPS Informed Delivery that shows photos of mail I am to receive daily. I received no notices from USPS of mail from GEICO during the relevant time period.

My efforts to fix this matter began on 7/10/22 with the aforementioned call. I completed the UM rejection form with signature with the agent's assistance as the web site was not performing as it should.

To summarize for purposes of this posting, over a period of 10 days I spoke with five (5) insurance agents in the motorcycle department. To different degrees, each of them restated requirements for a new signature and each of them stated they would either "get back to me" or send messages to one of the other agents familiar with the matter.

NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME IN ANY MANNER (see below for billing notice exceptions) since my call to GEICO on 7/10/22. Today is 7/24/22.

I have received two email bills stating that I owe $415.99 and that if unpaid, my policy will be canceled on 8/1/22. One also stated that notice had been mailed to me. I replied to one email with a brief statement that I was actively working with insurance agents and suggesting no termination of my policy should be affected until the matter was resolved. I received a reply stating I still owed the money and it must be paid by 8/1/22.


Conclusion Summary:

GEICO has demonstrated an extraordinary lack of integrity and lack of customer service professionalism that reflects negatively on the GEICO organization and certainly gives no indication that GEICO is concerned enough for their customers to provide reasonable responses to legitimate concerns.


Other Steps Taken by Me:

I have sent a letter (via USPS Priority Mail Express) to Mr. Todd Combs, President and CEO, with details of every step of this process and provided detailed documentation of my records to substantiate every detail possible.

Since the USPS delivery will be Tuesday, July 26th, I also sent an email with scanned copies of the letter and all documentation to three email addresses with distinct notifications that the email is urgent and intended for Mr. Combs and his office. There is no address listed by GEICO to reach corporate so I used several sources, including, to cull useful and valid addresses. The following addresses were successful in sending (at time of this writing):

[protected] / [protected] / [protected] / [protected]

The first I determined by using the format of the last. The last was an email sent to me by the second agent I spoke with to verify I was receiving GEICO emails.


RESOLVED: GEICO's "Specialty Compliance and Complaints" office within the Motorcycle division RESOLVED THE ISSUE 100% BY WAIVING THE EXCESS PREMIUM AS REQUESTED! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: An employee (I'll refer to them as MB) of Specialty Compliance and Complaints office intercepted my email communication of late Sunday, July 24, 2020, on Monday morning, July 25, 2020. MB called me directly at 1017 hours. MB was polite, professional, and cordial. When informed I was currently at an appointment, MB was quick to offer times later in the afternoon. We agreed MB would call between 1400 and 1600 hours. I received the call at 1513 hours and we spoke for close to 57 minutes. Discussions were professional and polite and quite open. MB advised that my issue attracted the attention of multiple "powers that be" from attorneys to managers and that MB participated in discussions with those "powers" for a large part of the day. Our discussions revealed to MB that my complaint was NOT based on the money issue per se; it was based upon the lack of integrity of the five agents and of GEICO for not treating my situation with respect for the totality of the circumstances. In effect, they appeared to follow "rules" that didn't account for the facts and due to the lack of integrity displayed by the agents, were treating me as a policy number rather than a human being, and, when all is added up, GEICO appeared to be sucking their customers of money "because they could". MB said supervisors of the five insurance agents that had performed below standards were personally contacted and each agent would be individually addressed for corrections. MB apologized for the agents' lack of professionalism. At the end of our discussion, MB informed me that GEICO was NOT going to waive the premium primarily due to perceived liability that GEICO would later have to waive others' premiums who disputed them. I advised MB that I was disappointed and would find it difficult to maintain trust in GEICO for future claims to be handled individually and professionally. Prior to ending the call, MB discussed ways GEICO could help me have additional time to complete my decision about leaving GEICO. The call ended with each of us having respect for the other regardless of the outcome. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Surprise Tuesday Morning: Tuesday morning, July 27, 2022 at 0904 hours, I received a call from MB stating that GEICO had reversed their position and WILL GRANT A FULL REFUND of the excess premium. I expressed my thanks and that I will maintain my motorcycle policy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion: I have no doubt that efforts and actions from the Specialty Compliance and Complaints office is responsible for this positive outcome. It tells me that GEICO can and will listen if approached with unwavering honesty and complete documentation presented in an understandable format. Based on GEICO deciding to issue the refund and that MB assured that the five agents would be dealt with accordingly by their supervisors, I will keep my motorcycle policy and I will inquire for a quote when I purchase my (planned) motorhome. We shall all see what occurs if and when I must file a claim. I feel some things regarding handling of complaints may move in a positive direction following this interaction.

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