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I had purchased a 1 year geek squad protection plan on my young child's laptop. When the membership renewal time rolled around I decided not to renew. I already had webroot protection for 3 computers and each time I tried to activate my version of webroot it would revert back to a copy they installed with a password only they knew. After I ignored several warnings to renew I got a virus. It accessed the built in webcamera took a picture of my daughter then it said "you were caught viewing child pornography" It had a fake interpole or FBI background and numerous pictures of actual porn. My 9 year old daughter suffered because they were mad I didn't pay for a service I never used in the first place. I had to delete her user account and make a new one. I have tried many times to install my webroot that I control only to have it revert back to a copy I do not have the password for. DO NOT GET GEEK SQUAD "protection" they are able to control your pc remotely and will play with your pc because you gave them access!


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Apr 05, 2014 10:22 pm EDT

Ill preface this with stating that I'm relatively computer
savvy, however there are times when I simply do not have the time to fix the
issues caused by my families web browsing habits, nor the patience. I've
utilized Geek Squad quite a few times since the late 2000's with problems here
and there, but nothing like what I've experienced the last year of doing
business with them.

The most recent experience I've had with the Geek Squad has
left an incredibly sour taste in my mouth. In early March, I took a computer
into Geek Squad to have them remove an apparent virus. My eldest son had been
using the PC for "homework, " and had been complaining of numerous pop
ups and issues where the browser would take you to a, less than desirable,
website other than where you requested to go.

I spent about an hour going through it and trying to remove
the virus. The conclusion that I had was that the infection was beyond my
abilities and would have to be looked at by a professional. The next day, I
took it in and dropped it off with the familiar faces at my local best buy. One
of the guys in there recognized me and got the paperwork started as usual. Took
my concerns down, noted the hardware I’d dropped off and said they would call
the next day after he had a chance to look at it.

Next day rolls around- No Call.

Next Day – No Call.

Five days into it I receive a call, from someone other than
my normal tech, who says the problem is fixed, and the PC is ready for pickup.
$199.99—Not too bad, considering it was 4 or 5 days’ worth of work on the
computer, I’m just happy to have the computer back. It’s hard to share the
three computers we have in the house with the 5 family members in our

Upon getting the computer home, hooked up, and turned on the
first thing I noticed was that the computer was NOT fixed. It was exactly how
it was when I had dropped it off.

I contacted the store that evening and was instructed to
bring the machine back in, and they would look at it. I immediately unplugged
it, drove it back over, and dropped it off with the same technician that
released it to me just hours earlier. The tech informed me that it would be looked
at first thing in the morning, by the technician that usually works on my

At this point, I am upset, but more frustrated. I am very
understanding and do realize that things happen. This is a fact of life.

The problem occurred when 48 hours later, I get a call to
pick the computer up. Rinse and repeat. Get the machine home, kids are using it
for a few hours to get homework down, the pop ups appear and the “browser
redirects” start happening, this time much worse than before. The computer is
now locked up and unusable. It was at this point, we shut the machine off and
left it alone. The following morning, I called and spoke with a Geek Squad
supervisor about getting a full refund for the service. The manager instructed
me to bring the computer in and they would take a look at it. At this point I
told them I had already hired someone else to fix it and repair the issues, and
I would prefer a refund. The manager said they could not do that and that I had
to bring the machine back in. Obviously, I am unable to do this. I found an
online computer repair company, SafePCFix, that will do the repair remotely and
while you watch (if you want.) They had walked me through the connection
process and were fixing it, while I was on the phone with Geek Squad supervisor
trying to get the refund from the botched job. While they declined to do it,
the tech I was working with offered to help me get a refund by providing proof
of the rootkit that was still installed on the machine.

I contacted the CC Company with the information the
technician gave me and they refunded my money back to my account. I’m unsure if
Geek Squad is going to fight the case or not, but the technician at safepcfix
told me they would help out if they needed to.

It took these guys 2 hours to fix Geek Squad’s errors and
mistakes. The computer works better than it did when we purchased it, and I am
very happy with the work. I will no longer be using Geek Squad, and I recommend
that no one else does either. There are times to skimp on repair services, and
when you’re dealing with expensive electronics, its better to do it right the
first time. I sincerely hope that none of you have to go through what I did. It
has been quite a nightmare. Note: I have annexed some details out of the above
story to save time and space. If anyone is interested in getting more details
about my experience, please email me and I will be happy to answer any
questions that you have.

I was in a very similar position to you Tom. It took Geek
Squad over a week to repair my system, and even then, I had browser problems
and pop-ups.

I found your comment a couple weeks ago and looked up
safepcfix guys. Called them and they verified geek squads problems and fixed
the errors they left behind. My laptop was still infected with a rootkit that
took 2 hours for them to remove properly. They got it fixed though, and called
when it was done. It works great now. Its actually faster than I remember too.
We ended up getting rid of McAfee too, since that wasn't working correctly.

If you were scammed by geek squad review their services and
then pick a different company. John, safepcfix, wrote me a report to give me
credit card company to get my money back from Geek Squad. Were still fighting
it now, but it looks good.


SO you think Best Buy put the porn on there? You got a virus because you had no protection. That was easy for a user to fix. If you don't know how, you have to pay someone. To think that Best Buy is "mad" is ridiculous! They couldn't care less if you renew or not.


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