GearBestout of stock after 2 weeks of waiting

N Aug 17, 2018

I'd like to express my disappointment with Gearbest's services.

On 2018-07-29 I bought a Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus 4G Phablet 3GB RAM Global Version which had an estimate time of shipping of 2 weeks. I waited for more than two weeks and it hadn't been shipped, so I contacted support to know what had happened and they said the product was out of stock, and that I could ask for another product (if it were more expensive, I would have to pay the difference, of course) or get my money refunded. So I entered in contact again asking about another phone's availability and they said that that phone wasn't available on stock as well.

This is a total lack of respect, because they post their products on their website (THE PRODUCT WAS WITH A SALE DISCOUNT!!!) even if it's out of stock.

I will surely think a lot before buying with them again, and definitely won't recommend them to my friends as I used to do before.

out of stock after 2 weeks of waiting
out of stock after 2 weeks of waiting

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