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Called within less than 24 hours to cancel the package I had ordered as it was $1300 for 10 prints. More than a wedding package. Was told that it cant be cancelled as its already been sent to production despite the fact I won't receive it for 6-8 weeks. There is no way less than 24 hours they would have already sent to production. I feel I signed an illegal contract due to being coerced through emotional manipulation. The Who I Am project seems like a scam. It pulls on the emotional heart strings, then they hit you with the price packages in front of your pre teen who you are trying to build confidence in. You say no to the packages & it looks like you're saying to your child 'you're not important enough'. Defeats the purpose of the whole hour spent previously building up their confidence during the shoot. So of course under that pressure, you sign away. Get a spare moment away from your child within less than 24hours of signing only to be told no you can't cancel.

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    Please remove my complaint. I have heard from the company with a resolution, I have tried to delete my complaint, however I can't. Please remove

Oct 10, 2019

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