Gameloftgameloft - I was charged for something I didn't order


I have a pay as you go phone and once a month I top up £10 to pay for my internet pack from T-mobile. The last few months I wasn't able to add my Smartpack because money had been taken out of my account. This is odd, because I don't use my phone for anything other than texts, phone calls and Whatsapp messages. T-mobile said I must be subscribed to something and won't refund me the money, even though they can't provide me with proof who took the money. Today I received a message from Gameloft and it says I'm paying 99p a week subscribtion. This is not something I ever signed up for and I expect to receive a refund for all the times you have taken money out of my account.

The total of £8.95 can be refunded to my bank account
I also expect to be unsubscribed from this service as I refuse to send a paid message to stop this

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