Game Stores South Africa / 32 " tv

I would like to register a formal complaint:

I have the following proof of evidence (unable to attach to this email)
*confirmation of return flight from JHB to George
*Game Slip proof of purchase
*Game Guarantee

Details of claim:
*on 5 May 2019 I bought a Telefunken 32" tv in the George Garden route branch.
*on 7 May 2019 I flew to JHB for a conference and only returned on Friday 10 May 2019 home - therefore the unopened TV in its box was stored safely in my garage in the boot of my car - unopened since the day I bought it (confirmation of flight attached) because I was not in George for a week.
*on Saterday 11 May 2019, I was excited to turn on my new TV only to find that the screen was cracked.
*I immediately went back to GAME who refuse to take any responsibility.

Facts on the day it was bought:
*on 5 May when I bought the tv, the salesman opened the tv and switched it on in the store - everything looked ok
*the salesclerk then send me to the till to make payment in the meanwhile while wrapping the tv back and seal the box to dispatch to security desk.
*I was very uncomfortable with this because the way I saw him put the tv back into the box, he had both hands on the screen. I confronted him and said that I'm paying for an item that he is handling without the necessary care and that I'm not comfortable with the fact that he does not wrap it properly In front of me as he insisted that I go to payments and that he has to go to security with the box. Please check your camera footage to confirm this
*The salesman thereafter never signed any document that it was checked, sealed properly and in good order. Please check attached slip to confirm

Facts on the day it was returned:
*Both my mother and father was in my sitting room present when I opened the box and removed the tv for the first time on Saterday 11 May and I was excited to switch it on for the first time
*The TV was handled very carefully because it is an expensive item
*The TV never fell/bumped or got damaged by myself in ANY way!
*Upon my return, GAME insisted to keep the item until Monday, when the manager was going to phone me. Up until now - no phone calls received on my cellphone!
*I was not impressed with the way my TV was handled the 2nd time, also. It was simply stuck back in the box, NO wrapping and placed on the floor with a lot of movement at the customer services desk! I asked them if they would please place it in a safe place, away from the movement - the salesman that came to test the TV said "you have to trust us with the TV"
*The TV I paid for was never handled with the necessary care on 2 occasions by GAME salesmen and I keep Game responsible for incorrect handling of my newly bought item - touching the screen when they handled the tv to switch it on when bought and when returned (both occasions)!

Desirable resolution:
I returned the item within 7 days and insist on a refund or replacement of the item. I prefer a replacement because the item was on a special price that is now no longer available!

This will be taken to the consumers board if Game does not want to take responsibility.

Sherene Burger

Please note: I've already send a customers complaint as well without any response to services @ game with ref nr: Your request (131798)

May 13, 2019

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