G4Sfemale security guard at schiphol 0n 29th september

I was travelling back to the UK on Flybe flight to Birmingham UK 18.05 on Sunday 29th September and went through manual frisking (her word) as well as the X ray machine. I don't know what showed up on the body scanner as I was hardly wearing anything. The woman was very rough, touched me all down my legs, on my breats, flickung my bra for no reason, between my breasts. She poked me me between my legs on my vulva, roughly, I was shocked and physically reacted. She asked if there was a problem, I asked if she had to poke me in the genitals, she tole told me yes and did it again, even harder. I am nearly 70 years old, have never been treated in this disgusting way in my world wide travel. I felt sexually assaulted.

Sep 30, 2019

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