Furniture Rowtreats their customers like theives


I am a repeat customer of Furniture Row, having purchased approximately $5000 of furniture in the last 14 months. In addition I have recommended Furniture Row for having the best "bang for the buck" to many friends and family members.

Yesterday I went into your Austin, Texas store to purchase another piece. I already new exactly what I wanted, so I immediately sat down with the salesman to complete the sale. He took my phone number and was able to pull up my information on the computer, where he could see I was a repeat customer. He then asked for a second phone number so he could put it in his computer. I told him he already had one of my numbers and did not need another one. He explained that it was "company policy"; I repeated there was no need for them to collect additional information on me. He then got his manager who said the same thing about "company policy" and the only way to avoid this was to pay in cash. (I had planed on paying with a credit card.) So I left the store without purchasing anything.

As there is a lead time of a couple of weeks on everything Furniture Row sells, the possibility of fraud is not a real issue. Therefore, Furniture Row has no valid reason to force their customers to provide additional phone numbers or other irrelevant information. The only possible reason for this is to "farm" phone numbers for telemarketers, and thus my reason for refusing to provide another phone number. (I would not have provided the first number, except that Furniture Row would need to call and let me know when my order arrived.)

It is one thing to ask for additional information from a customer but it is another issue completely, to refuse to complete a sale if the customer does not want to provide it. Should you try to make the ridicules claim that your "company policy" it is to prevent fraud, that would mean that you are treating every customer who walks through your doors as a thief. Regardless of your real or imagined reasons for this policy I will not allow myself to be treated in this manner. Should at some time in the future Furniture Row admits their "company policyv should be changed, feel free to let me know and I will consider shopping in your stores again.

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