Funky Pigeonmothers day flowers

J Mar 12, 2018

I was thrilled to receive a box of orchids from my daughter, who lives in Hong Kong, for mothers day. But my excitement rapidly evaporated when I opened the box. Of the seven stems; three were broken and the blooms of two others were very limp. There was some advice of how to look after flowers but that did not seem to cover orchid stems.
After displaying the stems for some time the flowers have not recovered.
As you may appreciate I hesitate to tell my daughter as she would be very upset and disappointed. And very likely be against using your services again.
I still have the box that the orchids were sent in; which is bent and may be the reason why some of the stems were broken.
Please let me know what other information I can give you to successfully register my complaint and determine a mutually satisfactory outcome

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