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Full Tilt PokerTerrible experience


I have made several deposits on full tilt poker and I have to tell you that their dealer is not fair at all. I have had the sickest beats for weeks, months, years. The favorite hand rarely wins, and the deals do not seam to be random at all. I have finally said enough is enough. I have been very upset when I read this guys post but i wasn't surprised at all- cut and paste it if you are thinking about playing poker at full tilt.

I have lost thousands of dollars thinking it was just bad luck, but it is not. I have had several cycles of winning but in the end the dealer will take all your money if you don't cash out. I have heard and read so much about full tilt poker that I can't believe I was stupid enough to think I could get a fair game there. I would literally bet every penny I have that their deck is rigged on purpose.

I wondered how they payed for the marketing, Pro's, tv time, tv tourny's, bonus's etc. Now I know, the steal money from every day players by using a deck that is unfair. Play their free games or freerolls (their software is user friendly), but don't give those crooks your money. If their is Carma ruling this universe, the people who run Full tilt poker and work their, will be burnt in fire.


  • Na
    naldo Mar 13, 2009

    Hey scott I feel the same way and It sucks because the pros advertise for these people all the time but I noticed that daniel negreanu its no longer with fulltilt now he is with pokerstars, maybe he knows something that we don't.

    But pokerstars its funny too...they all build you up to take it back because they know you are stuck and you need to make your money back.

    I've gotten the worse bad beat at fulltilt, bad beats that I don't see in a live game.

    But what can we do? I guess do the smart thing and save our money.

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  • Si
    sick of nationstar Apr 09, 2009

    please stay out of CoolCat Casino rip off!!!


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  • Be
    benm919 May 10, 2009

    Cry for me donk.

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  • Pr
    proplayer1975 Aug 11, 2009

    i made quite a bit on full tilt poker. after making final table after final table, they found out i had an old account. my account, NYC2VA was closed, but they transferred my money to my old one, and i continued to play. All of a sudden, i could not win. Every time i had the best hand, it would get outdrawn. Every time I had a draw, monster one at that (60% or better to win), i would ALWAYS miss. Full tilt does this to get players who are frequent to the site to redeposit. Period. Ive made over 400000 in live play and this year will be the year i take it to the wsop. ive been building a bankroll for years.

    Part of the reason you see so many bad beats is the tournaments are TIMED. Know what this means? The software will pull bad beats to lo stacks more often later in tournaments, to thin the field, as this is necessary to keep servers from being overworked. Online poker sites USED to have a time page, in which you could view the total time of a tourney. Nearly every site removed this, for the before stated reasons. Ever notice the extreme ampunt of bad beats a low stack will take late in the tourney? AA beaten by a flopped set? KK ag 45 and flop 678?

    Its no coincidence. Full tilt, pokerstars, and Ultimate Bet know that a regular player, once busted, will simply redeposit. They have no interest in seeing players make any withdrawals from their site. I once had a conversation with an ex employee in a casino that worked for one of these sites. He carefully explained that you indeed have a higher winning percentage when you deposit on the site. Withdraw, and they have a certain way of low percentaging your account. happens all the time. They even have lists of players (pros and the like) where the software is programmed to favor them, or "deal them straight" (those are the words he used) when playing another pro.

    Take your money and find a real game. If youre a good player, youll make money. Period. You will see many bad beats over your career, but never anything like what youll see online. Good luck man. STAY AWAY FROM ONLINE POKER SITES.

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  • Bl
    BlkBmr Sep 03, 2009

    I agree with all of this. It cant be that co-incidental that exactly the same issues are happening with so many players out there on Full Tilt. I have had the same happen to me, with being monster favourites time and time again... and getting drawn out in really hard to fathm ways... i/e/ runner runner straights, runner runner full houses etc. If you are going to play online (and you're not a pro) stick to free rolls and play money. Play at the real bricks and mortar casinos.. where you can see a deck see players and see chips. It is so easy to rig algorithms without people knowing or it becoming suspect and given the lack of regulation... it is very hard to even prove that this is happening.

    Online poker is a pure rort... it took me some time to get there... but now i boycott real money.. and stick to free rols and play money. Atleast this way... you cop a bad beat... you dont have any cash on teh line.

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  • Jo
    johnlee123 Oct 19, 2009

    Lost $400.00 and figured I always got beat no matter if I had good hand. It seems the whole table ready to garnishing your money. I had two aces, no one went in if it is a check. Everyone fold right away. It tells me the sight stole everyone's money.

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  • Mi
    Miss LucyLu Oct 27, 2009

    A real cowboy operation. Very relaxed attitude to data protection, identity theft and financial fraud.
    You should contact them att of Gil Conrado
    Pocket Kings Ltd 3rd Floor, Block AD Cherrywood Science and Technology Park Loughlinstown Dublin 18 Tel: +[protected] Fax:+[protected]

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  • Sh
    shade12435 Nov 28, 2009

    This all is spot-on. Check this out. I started playing on fulltilt in July. With 1000 play chips, I played play-money NL Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha Sit-n-go's and ring games from July to November. Being the way I am, I kept track of my winnings every day I played (even though it was just play money) to see how I was improving. The first month I went from 1000 play chips to 15000. Second month, 15000 to 50000. By the third month (October) I was up to 100000. By the beginning of November I had accumulated 200, 000 play chips. As of today, my play chip count stands at 215, 000. Playing mostly 250 chip buy-in sit n go's at first, then 2000 chip buy in sit in go's later, no higher stakes than that.

    Last week I cashed in my first freeroll. I took 6th place for $6.75. I was pumped. I knew it would be tougher competition than playing play money, but I felt I had gotten good enough over the past several months playing several hours each day to at least make a little bit of profit for myself. I used this $6.75 of freeroll real money to play $1.00 + $0.20 no limit hold-em sit in go's. This is no lie, what I'm about to tell you.

    First sit-n-go: All in with pocket Aces. Get called by pocket queens. Queen on flop, aces cracked, lose.

    Second sit-n-go: Flop a set of 9's, go all in. Player calls me with a pocket pair of kings (no king on flop). But on the river? You guessed it, King. Lose.

    Third sit-n-go: Holding pocket jacks, flop of 2 3 7 rainbow. Bet, raise, reraise, all-in shove by me. called by guy with pocket 10's. Turn card 10. Lose.

    Fourth sit-n-go: 4 people left, I'm in second place. Pocket Kings (king of clubs, king of hearts), all in. Called by ACE of hearts, THREE of clubs. Flop? 2, 5, 8 all hearts. Turn? jack of spades. RIVER??? of course, 10 of hearts. Lose.

    So now my $6.75 has turned into $1.95. Now, I know that bad beats are part of the game. But I NEVER had this happen so many repeated times in the play money games, and NEVER EVEN CLOSE to this many times in real-life games. This has been a really eye-opening and honestly depressing experience. I really was looking forward to making some money at online poker. I never expected to become a millionaire or anything, but I feel I'm good enough at playing that I could do halfway decent at it. I cant speak for any other online poker site, because I havent played at any others, but if they're anything like this I dont want to. The difference between the play-money games at full tilt and the real money games is pathetically obvious. As someone said before me, NEVER would we see this many bad beats, suck outs and huge favorites losing to runner-runner anywhere in the real world. You dont even see it anywhere near that much playing in the play money games on the full-tilt site!! This has been a real letdown. I just thank god that I didnt deposit any of my money on there. I only had $6.75 of freeroll winnings to play with, but that was enough to show me what this site is all about. I think I'll make the 90 minute drive to my nearest brick-and-mortar casino from now on. Thanks for nothing full-tilt. And I hope one of your ex-employees steals the source code for your "random" card generator sometime in the near future and takes it to Dateline or CNN so you're site (and any of the other online poker sites that are doing this) can be exposed for what they really are (SCAMS!) and all those people that have lost money can win their lawsuits and get it back. Maybe some day. All I know is that you won't get my money. I'm just glad there are others out there who see this for what it is, and I'm glad I've found them posting on here. I thought I was going crazy there for a minute, losing over and over and over like that! Anyway, good luck and I'll see you at the (REAL LIFE) tables!

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  • nemesis147 Nov 29, 2009

    i too play at ftp and the software is a fraud, everytime i enter a pot with a decent starting hand i always seem to get raisers and they always seem to suck me out with 7 2 os, 84 os etc and then the very next hand my cards come out on the board to what my previous hole cards where.

    i have lost count on how many of my aces have been cracked and how many times i see kkk, qqq, 10 10 10.

    ive just finished playing a game at full tilt horse freeroll( 29th november 2009) and every hand i played got cracked, its like they can see your cards you hold. i ended up going out with every hand being beat which is very unusual as i always seem to do well in that tourney, something fishy is definetly going on at ftp, im 110% sure of it.

    in all the time ive been at ftp ive had 1 lousy bonus off them and ive deposited more than 1500 dollars at this site, and the system just keeps on raping me every time. this just wouldn't happen live.

    all i can say is that this site surely needs investigating because this site is fraudulent and the way the cards get dealt is unbelievable. this isnt poker, its a con

    please see my blog of just a few screenshots i have taken of this bs site.

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  • Mn
    mncppc54 Dec 21, 2009

    Full-tilt has really busted me! My A's are continously cracked hand after hand. As a matter of fact, I hesitate to pay pocket rockets because they will get beaten. Time to quit online poker, that's for ure.

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  • Jj
    jjcc Dec 28, 2009

    I, lost thousands with similar plays... now that I, am trying to withdrawal $ 200.00
    there closing my account claiming that I, had 2 accounts when in fact my first account was
    closed and only one account I was using.

    complete scams. I, hope gaming commission steps in i, am ready to sue them.

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  • He
    HeGone Jan 18, 2010

    I'm glad this isn't just happening to me. I've been playing poker all my life and in live games I've always made money, so I tried out different poker sites. Well I barely played on one website before playing for real money was made illegal in the US. I recently saw that you could play for real money again and made a deposit. I started off on a roll, playing great poker. Turned $10 into over $100 in a couple of days. Now I am on the worst streak of my life. Every single time I get knocked out of a tournament I went in with the best hand. I got knocked out of three straight tournaments holding pocket aces, and the person who called had a terrible hand. 8-6 off suit takes out pocket aces? I could accept a few bad beats, it's part of poker but when it happens in 20 straight tournaments, something isn't right. At this point it is laughable. I expect to be knocked out by someone holding nothing. The calls these people make are ridiculous, and they are winning. I've never seen so many people need 2 cards left in the deck to win, and of course they get those 2 cards. If anyone thinks these sites don't have software that makes it so players redeposit, they're nuts. As I type this I got knocked out because my full house was beat by a guy catching runner runner and making 4 of a kind. It's just funny at this point.

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  • Te
    tet113 Feb 12, 2010

    If anyone is interested in a getting a class action lawsuit I would without a doubt be up for this. I have been getting rapped with the worst bad beats in the world. With the crappiest cards. I have been well ahead almost every time and getting killed. There is a company that I know the owner that gets class action suits together. Screw this site and lets sue their ###.

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  • Jo
    JOYCE2010 Jul 05, 2010


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  • No
    NO RIVER POKER Jan 26, 2011

    I feel that full tilt poker is a big [censor]ing joke and they need to be tooken off the internet a.s.a.p. who`s with me??????

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  • No
    NO RIVER POKER Jan 26, 2011

    I strongly agree I think full tilt poker should be tooken off the internet all toghter and refund the money`s that they stold from people. Boycott them [censor]es. Who`s with me??????????/

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  • Ft
    ftpisrigged Mar 12, 2011

    Rigged tax evading ugly owners. These pigs are too smart for the USA IRS. How sad.

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  • Fk
    Fk fulltitl Apr 16, 2011

    I agree with you guys. I got bad beat the same way. go get them guys

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  • Bb
    bbsmokey98 May 05, 2011

    Totally agree. I almost hated getting pocket Aces. No matter how much you raised pre flop someone would make the call and they would catch a hand to beat you. There is no telling how much money I lost due to their not so random deck. I consider myself to be a fairly decent player but to take the kind of beats that they deliver out of their wonderful progamming is ridiculous. FTP should be completely shut down and players deposits should be reimbursed. Totally insane that they can get away with STEALING our money.

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  • Po
    pokerbot456745 Feb 15, 2012

    i have read at least 5 poker books, have a poker room in my hour and hosted home games for 5 years, and played online poker online for approx 5years.
    i have never won a decent tournement and i have probobly played 10000 MTT tournements online.
    I have endless hands stuck in my head at crucial points in tournements for big money where i would see some insane set up when i have for example over 100k stack where a player makes an insane play like 4 betting me all in pre flop when im showing a VPIP of less than 20 (for those of you who use pokertracker) me of course holding AA...sorry to sound like an idiot but i have been had by hands lik 8 10 offsuit 4betting me all in pf in 300k pots and busting to a straight for example. i dont know who is playing the account that puts there stack in when i clearly have AA pf...but it doesnt take a genius to see a guy thats not playing any hands for an hour and i 3 bet then risk 4 betting all in with such trash its like they know what cards are coming? i just cant find the logic in certain situations where i almost felt like i was being forced to put all my chips in pf with AA knowing i am about to get knocked out and recieve 20$ instead of $10000 like the guy who just won 4 betting 8 10 offsuit. i have literally never won any tournements, but i have endless jpegs of me with AA, KK, and so on loosing 50k stacks in tourneys to some wizard that appears to be able to put his stack in and hit 17% hands..i have endless beats... no wins. if i make a bad play like raise with AQ and i get shoved all in and call and guy has AK thats poker...but pokerstars isnt real i am 100% sure someone is at least reporting most of those tournement winnings of the big tournies back to the "family". think if you could just get 5000 people to pony up 5$ for tournement...nobody investigates anything...and a player could win who nobody knows, and nobody is any wiser. people are dirty and you would probobly do it too if you were in there position, so would i, i assume.

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