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December 2017, I purchased 2 boxes of the briefs...size 9 and I left for a month long trip to SE Asia January 9, 2018. Love them, they fit perfectly. I was going to Italy, leaving May 30th. Went to Walmart, found the exact same briefs, bought 2 boxes, took 12 brand new briefs. Again bought size 9. Of course I didn't try them on, I bought them for the trip and they were the same brief, same size. They are way too small, they didn't fit well, but I was stuck as I was not home in the USA. I wored them, washed them out, and the elastic broke in the waistband. I threw awy several pairs...and I didn't wear 6 of them...still rolled up...and back in the box. What the heck, I should not have had an issue with the briefs, your sizes should be consistent and they were not. They are not expensive underwear, however, not having comfortable underwear when traveling in a foreign country and doing a LOT of walking is not pleasant.

Thanks for listening! I have pictures, comparing the size 9s I got a year ago and the size 9s I purchased for the trip. The new ones are definitely smaller.

Fruit Of The Loom
Fruit Of The Loom
Fruit Of The Loom

Jul 04, 2019
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  • Cu
      Aug 20, 2019

    My 1st scene I recorded I was wearing the bikini briefs seamless microfiber, and my daughter loves the thong cheeky and boy short panties and has been wearing the thongs since 6. We both want fruit of the bloom to make crotchless micro g strong things and start offering all size and style in see through nylon.

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