Fruit Of The Loom / womens black ankle socks

I purchased 2 packs of womens black ankle socks. I assumed since they are fruit of a loom. That they we're going to be the best of the best. Since they are name brand. I was dissapointed. I used black socks for my job. It's part of my required uniform. I put a pair on. Off to work I go. Not even an hour had went by. My socks we're comming off inside my shoe. As I was walking into the front of my work. Those socks I purchased are the size of my foot. My shoe fit me perfect. None of that is even questionable. I would never wear anything that didn't fit me. I had to stay at my 8 hours shift really uncomfortable with this huge inconvieience. What a waist of money. I couldn't return them. I had to use them. That's all I had. I had no choice. The minute I had money to buy more new socks. I did! I purchased haines her way. I had a better experience. Hains socks are thicker did not slide once inside my shoe. Come on now guys. Your company has been around for years and years. I will never purchase any of your products ever again. I'm very dissapiontment in fruit of a loom products. Good day!

Jul 03, 2019

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