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Complaints & Reviews

Facebook posts by a employee degrading a minority race

I have been made aware of a RN Sandy Tarkowski posting negative degrading remarks about minorities on Facebook, she openly has Froedert listed as her employer and her opinion is her opinion but I have had family members in that hospital, I am a retired nurse and I did not make negative statements that certain people bring certain diseases, plus I know a lot of staff who also after reading this are to unsettled by her remarks

William "Bill" Coleman and Karen S.Parker are racist against black co-workers at Froedtert Hospital

William "Bill" Coleman and Karen S. Parker are racist against black co-workers at Froedtert Hospital...

follow-up care; billing issues; healthcare cost abuse

The care I received was fine. The follow-up was not. As my out-of-pocket expenses had reached more than $1, 000, I was concerned about paying additional money for a follow-up visit once my treatments were done - knowing that a new year's deductible was about to kick in. However, the doctor volunteered to me that my first follow-up visit would be free of charge, due to the fact that "by law, (he) would not be allowed to charge me." His exact words. However, when I scheduled that follow-up appointment, I asked the scheduler if she could send me something in writing affirming that there would be no charge for the visit. She said she could not do that. As such, I had to reschedule the appointment while she researched what the doctor had promised. Prior to my rescheduled visit, I asked again for the written confirmation. The scheduler said she was unable to provide this and suggested I call the doctor. I asked her if SHE could speak to the doctor about the situation and then call me back. She said she would do that, but never called me back. I again had to cancel the appointment, but still expected to hear from them eventually. This was more than six months ago. Have I heard anything more from the doctor or the department? No. Great to know that they are concerned about my follow-up.

Billing is another area where Froedtert is sorely lacking. I paid nearly all of my bills ahead of time, as soon as they hit my insurance. However, there was one large bill that was twice the amount of my pre-treatment estimate, so I disputed that one and it went into review. In the meantime, I paid a portion of the balance. After many, many weeks, I was told that the charge was valid, so no adjustment could be made. I then asked if they would be willing to waive half of the remaining balance (about 1/4 of the actual charge), being that the charge was so vastly different from the estimate. After many, many more weeks, and multiple Froedtert billing employees being involved, I was told that no, they would not be willing to waive half of the remaining balance. In the midst of this multi-month process (3 to 4 months), I continued to get calls from the patient financial services area, but each time I called back they seemed to have no idea why they had left a message with me or why I was calling them back. They would spend large amounts of time reviewing my notes to try to figure out why they had called me in the first place and/or the current status of the billing review -- a total waste of my time. And in many cases, their notes were not updated, causing me to have to repeat my previous conversations with billing representatives. It's a bizarre and completely inefficient calling system that needs to be fixed.

Finally, healthcare waste/rip-off. At my initial visit with the nurse, I was given a 4 oz. tube of "Vanicream" to use on the area of my skin being treated. Low and behold when I examined my detailed invoices, I discovered that Froedtert had billed my insurance $40 for the Vanicream - yet the same sized tube can be purchased at Walmart or Target for less than $7. Absurd

  • Updated by Anne F. · Oct 09, 2019

    Oops - in my last sentence I meant to say "Absurd and disgusting."

Recent bilateral septoplasty

Bradley A Miller
Birth 02-19-1967
I recently had septoplasty surgery with Dr. Woodson at which time I developed a sinus infection. We talked pre surgery about my CLL diagnosis and my frequent sinus history. Ive visited him 4 times, post op, explaining my surgical recovery problems and it wasnt until today that he actually listened and prescribed something . I had been seen in urgent care Saturday the 17 th. Id like someone to look into this quality of care and let me know if this is a Freotdert standard?

urgent care visit

I entered the urgent care in Mequon on a Saturday evening at 5 p.m. with my daughter who injured her foot...

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quality of care

I have been dealing with abdominal issues and constant pain for many months and keep getting referred from Dr to Dr and department to department to get NO answers and feel like I just keep getting "pawned" off to somebody else or another department or something. Do some tests and tell me gonna do another or more tests and then get discharged and they never got done. I was sent there due to the quality of care and the expertise of that imparticular facility to figure things out. Well its been over a year and still no answers and a tube hanging out of my abdomen that isn't used for anything and leaks around it constant and can't eat or drink anything without leakage and having constant diarrhea and seeing it in toilet in less than 40 min. So not retaining much and have lost a bunch of weight. I have constant and continues unbearable abdominal pain and my life is pretty much miserable. I feel like nothing is being done to help me and the hospitals in my area won't even look at me because they said whatever is going on is "beyond there realm of care" and tell me to call Froedert and I get no answers there either. I feel like a yo-yo and my life is spiraling out of control due to pain and lack of ability to function daily most of the time. I'm not usually a complainer but I don't know what else to do so thought maybe filing a complaint would help me to get some answers or somebody to do something to help me. I'm not sure if forgot anything but I think hit most important points. Thank you for your time.

doctors and lies and treatment

Quadriplegic patient my son and frodert hospital treatment and false clam of pneumonia and a collapsed lung...

Froedtert Hospital / Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin

horrible patient care

My niece went into the ER terribly sick and painful. We were there 5 1/2 hrs before they got her into the...


I received an eye exam on 2/5/18 in WB. Billing submitted this to my health insurance which of course they...

[Resolved] very poor service from aid, almost inhuman

I have always raved about Froedert and care. This came as a surprise. On my second to last night of hospital stay I was treated with such cruelty by an aid that I begged to be go home the next day. I always write list of staff on floor who helped me, even cleaning lady in mornings i was there, so i can write thank you notes. The good ones stand out but this one makes me cry everytime I remember what happened. I had alarm on bed due to risk of falling so i called nurse button. She would turn light off and never come. My body was washing out toxins and i was having accidents because i couldnt make it to bathroom on time. All the other nurses got me to bathroom but let me clean up myself so i could have some dignity. One of the last times she had to help which was only once she roughly took washcloth and cleaned me, rubbing it all over, mixing back side with front. She roughly put the adult diaper on me loosely and i walked to bed by myself with saggy loose diaper. I couldnt reac blanket and she already left with
helping into bed. I asked for a warm blanket, it never came. She said i have one. When i was in pain and moaning a little bit she walked in and said "we can hear you outside. Be quiet" and shut my door hard. How she talked to me showed no empathy. There were other small things but biggest was after she did that last diaper and clean up she wouldnt answer her calls. I was stuck in a my own filth for hours before AM nurse came in. I felt embarrassed that i couldnt help myself but she made me feel like i wasnt even human. I get enough of less than stellar care at home, i didnt think it would happen there. I told nurse, she said she would look into it but never heard anything. I will still get my care at Froedert but I wanted to bring this to light. How many others feel hurt and dont report. I dont know if this goes to Froedert directly but for more info my email is [protected]
Thank you for reading

very poor service from aid, almost inhuman

Froedtert Hospital / Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Updated by ANemo · Oct 09, 2018

    There was no resolution. I only wrote original complaint because i thought it maybe went to froedert hospital directly. I never got resolution i only hit that button because i was trying to edit post.

  • Resolution Statement

    Fine. Computer wasnt hacked just dont want people stealing information. I only meant complaint for learning and that patient mistreatment does exist . There was no resolution ever

emergency room

7/27/18 Christopher Mitchell 11703 60th street unit 6 Kenosha Wi. 53144 I re injured my surgically repaired...

froedtert billing department

These people are trained thieves. They put the wrong billing codes on my treatment. And consequently my...

food service managers bill coleman and karen parker are getting rid of good kitchen co-workers

I worked at froedtert hospital from the 1990's to 2016, I worked with the good kitchen co-workers, I always minded my own business in food service, I never caused any problems in food service, I never caused problems with the kitchen co-workers, I was nice and friendly to the kitchen co-workers. I showed kitchen co-workers respect and the food service management respect. Food service managers bill coleman and karen parker fired me from froedtert hospital in 2015, because I did a good job in food service. Food service managers bill coleman and karen parker are evil, wicked, shady and crooked against the kitchen co-workers!!! Their bosses don't do nothing about their wrongful actions against kitchen co-workers!!! I ain't never gonna work at froedtert hospital no more since bill coleman and karen parker did this to me!!! I ain't gonna recommend nobody to work at froedtert hospital in the food service department, because it ain't worth it!!! Food service managers bill coleman and karen are setting innocent people up for a trap to work at froedtert hospital in food service to work in the kitchen and they hire you and fire you like a pawn in a chess game!!!

Horror Movie Like Care

STAY FAR FAR AWAY (Only person pretending to care is somebody that tries to polish their reputation by...

Care of Service

If I could give ZERO STARS I would have. Absolute Nightmare Experienced during procedure you might only see in movies. Anesthesia Failed and Woke up during procedure gasping for air and paralyzed while still able to feel everything. I will update this review with full details of the story later.

Do not work for Bill Coleman and Karen Parker

Do not work at Froedtert Hospital in the Food Service Department, because Senior Manager Food and Nutrition Services Bill Coleman and Food Service Director Karen Parker are selfish and they don't care about nobody but themselves, They fire kitchen employees who worked at Froedtert Hospital for 5, 10 years or more. do a good job, They fire kitchen employees who do a good job, They lie on kitchen employees by false accusing them of things that they did not do.Bill and Karen make up lies, false accusations, false allegations against any kitchen employee, They slander you, definite your charactor, ruin your reputation and your life, and destroying employees lives, They did me, Rosesena Brown, Gary Walker, Bobbie Hamilton, Patricia Craig, Penny Abernathy, Patricia Craig, Angie Davis, Yvonne Morgan, John Barry, Steve Holland, Amy Schmidt and the other kitchen employees wrong.Bill Coleman and Karen Parker they think they can get away with it, When you report Bill and Karen to their boss, Their boss don't do nothing about them, Their boss let them do these kind of things to kitchen employees and get away with it.That's why kitchen employees get transferred to different departments to get away from Bill Coleman and Karen Parker.They let their selfishness do evil, wicked things to kitchen employess.Froedtert Hospital security do Bill Coleman and Karen Parker's dirty work at Froedtert Hospital, Sooner or Later it will catch up to them if they continue to do that to kitchen employees.If you work for Bill Coleman and Karen Parker in the Food Service Department at Froedtert Hospital they gonna do you wrong like they did me and the other kitchen employees.If you do, You're making a big terrible mistake.

Cheryl A.Paradise is a liar,She tells people to lie and do her dirty work

Cheryl Ann Paradise Food Service Supervisor be lying and cheating co-workers out of their hours at Froedtert Hospital, In 1998 she changed the rules on me by making me scrub the food carts that not part of my job, She lied on me and had me written up for something I did not do, She lied on me about me using bad language in the kitchen, I never used bad language in the kitchen at Froedtert Hospital.She lied on my cousin Curtis(DeAndre)Cotton for something he did not do.Cheryl thinks that she all that because she listen to Rock n Roll music, she rides a motorcycle, she lives in a white neighborhood in a white community like South Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Cudahy, Wisconsin, I was doing a good job at Froedtert Hospital until I got fired by her, Bill Coleman, and Karen Parker.After I got fired from Froedtert Hospital in March 1999, Cheryl Paradise lied on me, told the Milwaukee Police and the Milwaukee Sheriff's Department that I was stalking her, and I never stalked her after I got fired.The Milwaukee Sheriiff's Department called me to come down to the station on Watertown Plank Road for that incident, I came down to the station and I got arrested and thrown in jail downtown because of her.I was charged with disorderly conduct in 1999.Cheryl told Nakia Walter, Jacqueline Hucks, Kimberly Taylor, Greg Rhodes, Beverly Goins Sanders to lie on me so that she can see me get locked up in prison!!! They did her dirty work by telling lies on me for things I did not do.I told Ray Reed, Gary Walker, Steve Holland and Taniko White what happened, They talked to Greg Rhodes, Nakia Walter, Jacqueline Hucks and Kimberly Taylor about why would they lie on me and make up lies about me, Greg, Kimberly, Jacqueline, and Nakia told my friends Ray, Gary, Steve, and Taniko that they don't got nothing to do with that.Greg, Kimberly, Jacqueline, and Nakia told my friends that Cheryl told them to lie on me .Nakia Walter messed up my Thanksgiving in November 1998 by lying on me for something I did not do, Nakia Walter told the Bill Coleman that I put a plastic bag over her head trying to sufficate her and lying on me about me trying to lock her in the freezer that's not true and it did not happen, Jacqueline Hucks made me mad and Nakia Walter belived Jacqueline and took her side.In 1999 and 2000 Cheryl Paradise cheated Brian Allen, LaDonna Quick, and the second shift co workers out of their hours after I got fired.That's why co-workers left and quit Froedtert Hospital because of Cheryl Paradise's wrongdoing and wrongful actions.In court I pled not guilty for the disorderly conduct charge, The judge Russell Stamper adjorned the case, In 2000 the judge William Sosnay dismissed the case because Cheryl Paradise and those co-workers did not come to court, In 2000 Cheryl left Froedtert Hospital and got another job working at the Bradley/Beverly Healthcare nursing home where my other cousin Jarriel Cotton was working at, Cheryl did Jarriel wrong and the second shift co workers wrong and got fired.In 2001 Greg Rhodes got fired, Kimberly Taylor got fired in 2003 after supervisor Mark Ash quit, Nakia Walter got transferred to Enviromental Services and Jacqueline Hucks got transferred to Children's Hospital doing transporting so that they won't get fired from Froedtert Hospital and Children's Hospital.Cheryl A. Paradise is a liar!!! She cannot be trusted and She uses people and tells people to do her dirty work to get innocent people thrown in jail and prison!!! Do not work for her as her co-worker and slave!!! Because she is gonna do you wrong like that like she did me at Froedtert Hospital

Do not apply and work in the kitchen at Froedtert Hospital

Do not apply and work at Froedtert Hospital in the kitchen/food service department, I worked in the food service department working in the kitchen, I was doing a good job working in the kitchen, I always came on time, I never missed a day of work, I always come to work when I'm scheduled, I never caused any problems in the kitchen.William(Bill)Coleman senior kitchen manager and Karen Parker food service director fired me from Froedtert Hospital because I did a good job and Because I was a good co-worker!!! They fired other kitchen co-workers because they do a good job in the kitchen at Froedtert Hospital, William Coleman and Karen Parker lie on you, false accuse you of things, make false allegations about you, mess up your life and reputation.They use you like a pawn in a chess game. They mess co workers lives up by firing you because you're a good worker and you do a good job.The second shift food service supervisor Cheryl A.Paradise she lie on you, false accuse you and make allegations about you, She cheat and rip off kitchen co-workers out of their hours, When you get your get your check stub at your hours you worked in the kitchen, She take 4 or 5 hours off your check.Kitchen co-workers quit Froedtert Hospital because of Cheryl A. Paradise, Willam Coleman, and Karen Parker. The President of Froedtert Hospital don't do nothing about William(Bill)Coleman and Karen Parker.If you apply at Froedtert Hospital for the food service department, You're making a big mistake, William and Karen will do you wrong like they did me!!!


Froedtert Hospital DISCRIMINATES AGAINST EMPLOYEES OR PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYEES. If a person submits medical restrictions or requests off for medical reasons, Froedtert will seek a roundabout way to threaten or minimize employment with them.

More on this later.

  • Re
    Rennard C Jul 16, 2014

    Froedtert Hospital is not a good place to work, especially the Food Service department, Food Service Managers William"Bill" Coleman and Karen Parker hire you and fire you when you work in the kitchen, They use you like a pawn in a chess game, They lie, false accuse, make false allegations about you and tarnish your reputation!!! Do not apply at Froedtert Hospital and the food service department, because they will mess you up like they did me and the other co-workers.

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  • Ta
    Tal Andersen Sep 01, 2018

    Doctor took 1 hour for chest pains and aspirations no nurse or doctor call button pushed no doctor but it cost me 1000 dollars this is unacceptably fix this I'm suing this hospital for pore response time with doctor

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