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Purchased the fridge on 1/2/17 at Home Depot in Greenville, SC (Woodruff Rd.). A few months later the ice maker broke. The Frigidaire repair guy put a "band aid" fix and it worked for a bit. A couple of weeks ago it broke again. On 11/10/17 the Frigidaire repair guy completely broke the fridge and we lost hundreds of dollars in spoiled food and we've had to eat almost all meals out since. Frigidaire won't compensate us for the lost food/money. On 11/10/17 the repair guy said we'd be contacted within 1-2 days with a delivery date for our replacement fridge. That never happened. I called Frigidaire on Mon. 11/13/17 to follow up. Was told they needed phone # and address for Lowe's where the unit was purchased (which was never requested on Friday once the repair guy broke the fridge). I assumed they were correct and we purchased it Lowe's so I looked up that info and provided it. I never received any further info so I called Lowe's and found out it wasn't sold there and it was bought at Home Depot. I called Frigidaire and they said it didn't matter and it could be replaced at either store. That's not the case and the paperwork now needs to go through Home Depot, but that can't happen until Monday (11/20/17). Eight days after Frigidaire broke our fridge we STILL don't have a fridge or even a delivery date and the soonest we'll get one is Monday. No one we've talked to at Frigidaire seems to care that we still don't have a fridge and they won't compensate us for lost food/money. This is THE WORST experience I have ever had with a company. I will NEVER buy any Frigidaire product again.

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    Thanks for your comments. The biggest issue I have is the level of incompetence and lack of urgency from Frigidaire. It has been EIGHT days since THEIR REPAIR GUY broke our fridge and we STILL don't even have a DELIVERY DATE for the new fridge. All I get from Frigidaire is apologies, but no one takes ownership to fix the issue they created. They put a "band aid" fix the first time they fixed the ice maker and then their repair guy fully broke our fridge and no one has gotten the replacement processed. Just incompetence and lack of care at all levels. I won't ever buy a Frigidaire anything ever again. I hope they go out of business.


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      Nov 18, 2017

    Hi Justin.

    I can appreciate your frustration. I can't say I might feel much the same. However, it's important to understand that most manufactures do not include the coverage for food spoilage under their terms of warranty. Some retailers may offer additional service agreements that cover such. Have you checked with Home Depot of such a coverage program was purchased along with the fridge? It's worth a call to find out.

    I'm heavily involved with the appliance industry and can clearly state it's a misnomer that good products don't break; unfortunately they can and do. It's good that Frigidaire is working with you to outright replace the fridge. I can tell you that isn't common after only two service calls. Hopefully they'll complete the trade off soon and you'll be happy with the end result.

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