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D Sep 16, 2018

I had 9994.64 amount in my free lancer account, for which I initiated a transfer on 25 August with express withdrawal option into my bank account, which was supposed to come in my account on 10sep and when I try to check the status on my financial dashboard you guys blocked my account . I have not received the amount till date. Please beware I'll take legal actions against the firm if my amount is not given back to me under fraud and cheating section.
Screen shot has been attached for your reference.
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But what I don't understand is once the amount was in my dashboard how the transaction can be reversed. This does not make sense to me. I want my money that I have worked for. This is cheating how does it relate to his account being closed. When the money was in my financial dashboard. Please give me my money otherwise I'll take legal actions against the company. This my last request before I iniate investigation and use social media/e news to spread how you cheat people under the name of terms and conditions.

Repeated reminders to the company and they have the reply your employer account was blocked. He had transferred me the money and amount was in my financial dashboard, but you guys have blocked my account for no reason. I'm only asking for the money I worked for.

money in financial dashboard is not transferred

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