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H Jul 19, 2019

What an absolutely horrible experience! I own an e-commerce company based in Istanbul, Turkey. We needed some changes in our Shopify website so I hired a freelancer on, I deposited some funds for a milestone payment and with-in 24 hours it got cancelled by itself and I had to create the milestone again which means I paid the comission TWICE!

I let it go since it was only a few bucks, when I deposited the funds again since the project took a little longer than expect, wants me to authenticate my credit card for a "small charge" (What the..?) I seriously could not get my head around this total scam so I skipped and lo and behold, I must now verify my account by keeping a number given by next to my ID card or the freelancer I hired wont get paid! Absolutely pathetic.

I have been making online payments for over 10 years and this is the first time I have been asked to put my freaking ID card next to my face, right next to the number given by stupid website. Unbelievable.

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