Freedom Mortgageunethical behaviour


I am a single 66 year old female Vet and I live on SS. When we heard that Hurricane Harvey was going to hit us in the Houston Tx area we didn't have much time. After Harvey went thru the Cleveland Tx area, which is where my home is, I called Freedom Mortgage know that I wouldn't have the money for Sept payment. The lady told me that they were offering a deferred payment of 1 to 3 months. I told her I only needed Sept because I didn't have it. She said it was ok and she put it in the system. A few days later I checked my bank acct. and found that my sept payment was taken out and by the end of the month I had a total of 8 over draft fees. When I called Freedom mortgage back they said my Oct payment was due. I tried to tell the woman that I was told I could skip 1 month because of the hurricane. She was very rude and would not let me speak to her supervisor. Then I had made sure that my October payment was ready for them to take out of my acct. But they never took it. Instead I get a letter saying that I owe a late fee so instead of my payment being $417. they wanted $467. Since when did it become legal to charge a $50 late fee. It was not my fault that the hurricane hit and I couldn't cover sept payment. They offered to give me a grace period. It's also not my fault that they didn't take out my Oct payment But they feel they can charge me a $50 late fee. I have called them several times in the last 2 months only to be told over and over that the supervisor was busy. This is all [censor]. They put me in a hole by taking a payment after THEY said I could have a month.. then they don't take out the payment and want to charge me another $50. My acct number with them is [protected]. The only thing I will accept after all this crap is Since my over draft fees $320. for 8 over drafts They will deduct that from my November payment which will make it $137.98 for That Payment. Anything less my lawyer will contact y'all again and I'll make sure she's not so polite .

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