Freedom Mortgage Corporationrefinance problem

Freedom Mortgage currently holds my mortgage so I contacted them about a refinance quote. Peyton Morris in customer service was supposed to take my application over the phone and call me back in 15 minutes with an estimate.
1. First problem, she called me back late, apoligized and said that she had my information and would try again when she returned to the office.
2. I called and left a meesage to please give me a call with the numbers as soon as possible.
3. Next day, I called in the morning, her line was busy, went to voicemail. I left a message.
4. A few hours later, no return call from Freedom yet, I called again, left another voice mail.
5. A few more hours, no return call yet, her line is reporting that she is out to lunch.
6. A few more hours, I called she is again on the phone. I asked for her manager, Spencer Aucoin. He is on the phone as well. Left a message requesting a call back.
7. I called after my lunch, now her line is reporting that she is gone for the day. Seriously unprofessional.
8. I called the manager again and he is not available again. What is going on with these people?
I must say that for them to claim that this will take 15 minutes and then not be able to complete it in 24 hours, says that maybe they do not appreciate their current customers or possibly they don't know what they are doing. Or both.

Sep 27, 2019

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