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From the beginning of July My Client Joshua Squires has been under contract for a property and was working with this company to get a mortgage on the property. My first contact was Michael Reese. After trying to reach out to him multiple times with no answer and no call back I gave up trying to reach him for information of my clients mortgage and found a new contact. Her name was Kaye Kerzner and she was much more responsive. When there was a change in the contract and I notified Faye on July 12 that the settlement date was moved up. She told me that the loan was going to under writing and that when it came out she would be able to provide me with an updated mortgage commitment date. After that is was radio silence again. I tried reaching out to Michael again when Faye no longer answered me and finally got through to him. I asked him is we were on track to close with the updated settlement and when to be expecting the Closing Disclosure. He had no idea what I was talking about. That's when I find out that Faye was no longer with the company and my client was forgotten about. Then the mad scramble began and Michael told me unless we had missing documents that day we would not close on time. I asked for a list of things needed and radio silence again. I called him every hour emailed him multiple times and even tried reaching out to superiors. After finally reaching through to customer service she provided me the email to the Vice President. At an hour to end of business day, I finally got a partial list of what was needed. Every day after that I was tossed around to different people mostly I've been working with Doug Frimmet who is not only incompetent but was in capable of working in a timely matter. From the start of my interactions with him I asked him for what specifically he needed. Everyday he needed something else. If he had told me from day one all the things he needed i would have provided them to him. What he did instead was drag the process out. If I did not call him I did not get an update if I did not push for him to do something he would not do it. This is unacceptable and My client runs the risk of losing his house over this. Now it's 8 minutes to end of business day and I don't have what I need even though I have worked my tail off to provide everything they need.


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    John Beins Sep 11, 2018

    Hi, My name is John Beins. I am an attorney outside of Washington D.C. I am investigating Freedom Mortgage's business practices on behalf of a number of unhappy homeowners. I would be interested in learning more about your problems with Freedom Mortgage. Please call my office at 240-235-5040 or email me at [email protected]

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