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L Sep 27, 2019

On 25th September we had a shuttle booked from our Hotel to Universal Studio's we were going to see our granddaughters dance at 10 am. It had been booked by James who didn't know what time the performance was.
The shuttle was leaving at 8.30am. At 4am in the morning I couldn't sleep because I was worried we wouldn't make it in 1 1/2 hours. I went down to reception and spoke to George and asked him if the bus would get us to Universal Studio's by 10am. He said "Yes it opens at 10am and the bus will get there before it opens." I relaxed and went to sleep, but when I was getting up and came back down to have breakfast and again at 7am and again went and asked George if he was sure the bus would get there by 10am, he again said yes.
At 8.40 when the bus hadn't arrived I again went and asked George what was happening and again reiterated that I HAD to be there by 10am as that is the time the girls are dancing. He called the company and while he was on the phone I asked him to check with her that the bus would get there before 10am. He did not ask and again told me it would make it by 10am. He told me the driver was about to arrive. When the shuttle arrived I asked the driver what time we would be arriving at Universal Studios and he said between 10.20am and 10.30am. I went back to the desk and told George that we were not going to make it in time in the shuttle I asked for help getting an Uber and he told me I had to do it through the app (which fortunately I had downloaded) although I have never used it.
I was able to get an Uber who was 2 minutes away who did everything he could to get us to Universal Studio's as quickly as possibly, avoiding traffic where he could. We arrived at Universal Studio's at 10.15am and by the time we got to the stage it was 10.20am and they had a 20minute performance scheduled from 10am.
This trip has cost us around $10, 000 and to have missed this performance has absolutely ruined it for me as we missed the Disney performance because of flight delays.
I have to say that evening when I told James what happened he gave us a $60 restaurant credit to compensate us for the difference between the Uber and shuttle bus. But this is really a token given the stress and heartache this has caused me.
Kind Regards
Linda Vincent

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