Foschinimanager at foschini pavilion


I went to Foschini Pavilion on Saturday to buy my Ponds face products. They have a special. Buy 3 products, with the cheapest one being free. I took two eye creams and a day face cream. The price on the eye cream was R 59.99 each. The cashier scanned the eye creams and then called the manager who informed me that the price of the eye creams were actually R199.99 each. The manager then informed me that she cannot give me the eye cream at the price that is on the box and if she does give me the eye cream at R59.99 she will then proceed to take the money off the staff's salary to compensate for the shortfall. I told the manager that it was immoral for her to punish her staff member and that I would rather pay full price at another store. I did not buy my face products from Foshini Pavilion and will not be visiting that store anytime soon. Really disappointed and upset with you guys.

Param Achary ([protected]

Sep 16, 2019

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