Foschini Complaints & Reviews

Foschini / belt

Oct 10, 2019

FoschiniGood day RE: An exchange / swop I am unable to find my receipt of the purchase however I was able to find the tag of the product. I went to the Century City branch assistance was not helpful at all. I understand there are policies in place but I had proof and the belt itself is a Foschini...

Foschini / poor quality

Sep 21, 2019

FoschiniI just bought a pack of 5 bikini panties yesterday and tried one on today as I'm putting it on the whole stitching just came loose. I paid R200 and this does not seem like quality as one would expect as its from such a well known brand. Now I'm told I can't return as its underwear I know...

Foschini / bad service

Sep 20, 2019

I went to the fix today to purchase something for myself, something I never do, however I thought I would use my card as it is the end of the month and as per normal I pay back in full by pay day, I thought perhaps having such a good record this would not be a problem, well once I tried to...

Foschini / manager at foschini pavilion

Sep 16, 2019

Hi I went to Foschini Pavilion on Saturday to buy my Ponds face products. They have a special. Buy 3 products, with the cheapest one being free. I took two eye creams and a day face cream. The price on the eye cream was R 59.99 each. The cashier scanned the eye creams and then called the...

Foschini / bad customer service

Aug 27, 2019

Am very very much disappointed and deeply hurt about the service they gave me at foschini mokopane on saturday 24 august 2019. On the 13th of august 2019 my husband bought me a new phone huawei p30 lite a double duo sim for the price of r5999.99 and before the phone was bought he did ask if...

Foschini / service

Aug 18, 2019

FoschiniGood day I went to foschini East rand mall yesterday an I got such a terrible service, i went there to exchange some facial product and then I was told to exchange were I bought them from which was lake side mall. What pissed me off is that during the week I did send my sister to go an ask...

Foschini / online order p333248045

Aug 13, 2019

I am really disappointed with the process of refund let alone the disappointment of trying to buy soothing that is displayed online but yet not available. I just want my money back and I will never buy anything from this group. I am not happy at all, today I am calling for the fourth time...

Foschini / returning a garment

Aug 10, 2019

I bought a dress at Foschini in Goldfields mall in Welkom. I wanted to return it to foschini in Boitumelo junction in Welkom. They told me I cannot return it there as they do not have stock of the dress. Why cant I return a garment to any foschini? I would really appreciate feedback on...

Foschini / online refund

Aug 08, 2019

I ordered a tracksuit online for my son on the 11/07/2019, I paid with my Visa card, order number P331676559. Two days later I got an email indicating my order was cancelled. I called the call center I was told the tracksuit was out of stock at the warehouse and at the shops. The money...

Foschini / a black leather jacket

Aug 07, 2019

I had bought a jacket at Foschini Richards Bay in KwaZulu Natal, I think it was 7 weeks back, and when I check my self in this morning yesterday at work I saw a few tiers in the jacket and when I got home I was more on the other side. I had bought it using my store card, what I the...

Foschini / service

Jul 15, 2019

I have never felt so small. Your consultants on make up department do not know anything about customer service . I was shopping for foundation and needed help but the lady rudely said she was not gonna leave what she was doing and attending to my needs. She had this annoying laughter I'm...

Foschini / africa

Jun 01, 2019

FoschiniWe came in to shop, we were not attended to, we request a female stuff lady who was just standing without a name tag for assistance, she was rude when we requested help and ask her for fitting rooms, she just told us the fitting rooms were full, we request for a store manager she said...

Foschini / poor service at exact in kokstad, kzn

May 08, 2019

On the 23rd of April 2019, I went to Exact and ask them how can I claim for the cell phone insurance as my entire handbag was stolen. I had my phones inside the bag, one of the phones I bought at exact in December last year and I took an insurance. Also my ID book was in my bag and all my...

Foschini / lost my card and applied for a new card.

Apr 30, 2019

I went to Foschini in Promenade, Mitchell's Plain for a new card because I lost my card. A lady helped me and she said that she must phone head office and a consultant will ask me questions but I think the questions asked was irrelevant because she asked me about the issue date of my id...

Foschini / service

Feb 06, 2019

It has been way over a month today that my mum fell in this store. Warren from head office is still going to call my mum from December 2018 in order to re-imburse her the hospital fees. What a pathetic useless bunch [store and head office]. We have to keep on calling in and still no...

Foschini / unethical response from foschini at chatsworth centre

Jan 14, 2019

My mu fell in the store on the 31.12.2018 due to the tiles being slippery. She has big bruises on her legs as well as pain. she was informed by the floor manager at that time to go to the doctor and seek medical treatment and to return with the slip as they will compensate the medical...

Foschini / shoe design faulty

Dec 20, 2018

FoschiniHi All, I would like to complain about the shoe that I bought, it fits perfectly when the foot is on the ground and I love the color but when one walks the shoe comes off (Or when u lift your leg the shoe weight stays on the ground, it doesn't have support) and makes u fall, I have given...

Foschini / markham new accounts department

Dec 18, 2018

I applied for a Markham account online on the 08/12/2018 and pre approved. I submitted documents on the 11/12/2018 via whattsapp and at Newtown Junction Mall branch.I have been making numerous calls to know whether my application is successful or not.I was advised all documents are in...

Foschini / refund from online purchase

Dec 12, 2018

In November a week before I was to attend a funeral, I bought clothes online from Foschini. Two days after delivery problems set in and I was advised by their employee who handles their Twitter to cancel th order. I was also advised by your delivery company to cancel the package since they...

Foschini / night repair eye

Nov 28, 2018

I bought this product and remarked that the labeling was different and was told it is the same product but improved. There was another special on and in it was a sample of the eye repair. I took both and decided to use the sample forst before opening the expensive bottle. I foi d the...

Foschini / charles & keith store in menlyn mall

Nov 24, 2018

whom it may concern I went to Charles & Keith store( Menlyn) to pay my account on the 24 November 2018, and purchase a bag. The was only a casual in store, who did not greet me and could not assist me. She stated that no one was in store therefore she could not help me, I asked her to call...

Foschini / call centre agent - jacqueline

Nov 20, 2018

I would like to lay a formal complaint against Jacqueline, one of your call centre staff members. She phoned me at 14:10 today, to inform me about an outstanding balance insurance policy, which will pay out in case of my death, so my family members are not liable to pay my outstanding account. I...

Foschini / the interest that gets charged to my account

Nov 16, 2018

Hi There I want to know why am I being charged for emails and sms an telephone calls as well as letters through the post after I have called in and said I don't want emails and calls nor the post through the mail, I don't mind a sms but this is so ridiculous cause I get charged for it so...

Foschini / one 2 one

Oct 24, 2018

I cancelled my contract with this Foschini One 2 One data for R89, from the 9th of October & up to date my sim card is disconnected. Whenever I contact them I'm being told there's nothing that can be done, they waiting for MTN to reconnect me to pre-paid. This is ridiculous, I'm loosing...

Foschini / one2one contract

Oct 22, 2018

To whom it may concern. I had a one 2 one top up contract for some years. The contract elapsed & i just carried on with it but now i decided to cancel the contract & go back to prepaid with the same phone number. So i phoned in on 18 September 2018 to cancel my contract. They told me it...

Foschini / shie not delivered for over a month

Oct 08, 2018

Good day I am writing to bring to your attention a serious issue I had in your establishment for the last couple of weeks. We opened an account at Foschini end of August. My mother and I was interested in a sale that was running at that moment (when you buy two pairs of shoes the second...

Foschini / payment via online banking

Oct 02, 2018

I've just opened a new account with TFG and upon opening i took out an account protection insurance. Before the end of the month i received a notification informing about the insurance instalment due on the 1st of October 2018. And as usual i hardly have time to go to the store so i...

Foschini / clothes

Aug 07, 2018

I purchased clothes last month from liberty midlands mall pietermaritzburg. I tried the clothes before purchasing them. I washed the clothes which i always do before using them. One of the tops stretched so much that i cannot use it. I wash clothes and hang clothes all the time so Foshini...

Foschini / foschini sandton - not responsive - phone is continuously on busy

Jul 10, 2018

To Who it May Concern I purchased a skin treatment box set from Foschini in Sandton City, and upon my arrival home, I found that the packaged seal in side the box is broken, and the items advertised and discussed with me was not in the packaged box. I've been trying for several days to...

Foschini / complaint about defective product

Jun 27, 2018

I purchased a boot for my daughter, size 13 at the foschini kids store in vangate mall last month. It's a burgundy instinct girls lace up boot with a rubber sole. Today the entire rubber sole detached from the shoe... for R350 I think this is pathetic. I unfortunately lost my slip and I do...

Foschini / payment

Jun 10, 2018

Goodday I have not been working since 2013 until now and ever since iv never used the account.but my credit now is four times my credit, now i wanna pay so that i can clear my credit but the question is why should i pay the amount that i have not been using your credit? Pls assist me on that...

Foschini / compliment & complaint 6 june 2018 mall of africa foschini

Jun 07, 2018

Hi There It was my birthday yesterday and I was given a generous voucher to spend. I was asked where I would like the voucher for and I said Foschini as I had seen some awesome clothes in the Mall of Africa Store where I shop. So I went shopping yesterday and was happy to say the clothes I...

Foschini / poor customer service received

May 16, 2018

I went to Foschini Protea Glen Mall on Saturday the 12th of May 2018. I purchase some underwear and finished of at the cosmetic department to purchase some make up. I then went to the counter to pay and found 2 ladies looking into each others eyes and chatting about their own personal...

Foschini Dundee / clothing

May 11, 2018

I went to Fischini Dundee on the 10th of May 2018. Staff did not greet at all or asked if they could assist me. I wanted to buy some tops/ shirts. I could not find a size bigger than an 18., When i enquired why there was nothing bigger than an 18, I wad told to go to Newcastle and buy...

Foschini / bad attitude

May 05, 2018

Got to the Foschini store in Johannesburg central, found a black shoe that I tried on and size fitted perfect. Started looking for someone to assist me with getting the shoes from store room. Approached first lady who was standing by the till for assistance, she just said there's no one...

Foschini / credit bureau info misrepresented

Apr 12, 2018

Good day my name is Kathleen naidu is [protected] I had a fashion express account opened up .This account went under debt counselling in 2015 and in 2016 came off and the debt was paid in full and settled .Clearance certificate was issued and paid up letter given from fashion express for the...

Foschini / foschini card

Mar 28, 2018

History of the matter: 15/12/2017 - Account was settled payment - R3499.39 12/01/2018 to date various charges put to my account and on top of it collections fees - for what? 25/03/2018 - Paid another R190 as I am sick and tired of being told I owe you money!!! I am frustrated with thi...

Foschini Group / bad quality of fragrance and no stock

Mar 14, 2018

On the 15th of January 2018, I purchased a 100 ml 212 cologne from Foschini Southgate branch for my husband. The Cologne which normally is a concentrated product and of good quality lacked this and had no potency. I contacted your head office in Cape town to raise the matter, I wa...

Foschini Group / customer services

Jan 24, 2018

Good day I would like to lodge a complain to Foschini regarding their staff member which is very rude and doesn't have customer service in Newcastle Foschini. I was at the shop the 15th of Jan 2018 because I had a complain regarding the damaged shoe and I was told no one can...

Foschini / cashier/makeup salesperson

Dec 10, 2017

On Saturday 09/12/2017 I visited the Foschini store in Stanger. After waiting for 2-5 minutes for someone to assist me at the cashing till, a very unfriendly employee named Glenys (I think) approached me with arrogance. She asked me if I was paying cash or card and I replied with a card...