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Al Oct 03, 2019

Here is a copy of an email to the dealer and issues with forest river dealing with a new 2018 forest river 29rlx 5th wheel

Sorry but lets go all the way back to the very beginning with my dealings with american family rv and forest river

This transaction was off to a bad start when your vp at the time started his bs and trying to over charge me with the hitch and install. Then when I come up to get the unit his ass didn't even have the guts to tell me the camper wasn't even ready and had floor damage too. Instead I was told yeah it is ready it is over at the service lot. I get there and trisha was caught off guard about me not being aware of the damage to unit. Walk thru was a joke. Then to top it off he makes a bs comment about he should hire me to install hitch units, after he was going to screw me for 8 hours minimum maybe more for labor for a 2.5 hour job and have to bring his best man from another branch to do it. Yes a second unit was brought in and that has turned out to be such a great experience.

Sorry that I have had questions about my pos, no one can give me the truth on how the repair is to be done. My questions go unanswered, I have a bs phone call with service people from lippert and forest river who only will say we will do your repair and that is that. Wrong procedure from both of them was told to me after pushing the issue on that day. Then I am to have a call from duane which was useless because it got heated between us because he got questioned and didn't have answers and has yet to follow up with me for over a week. The only reason he sent what he did is because I came into your business and karen made calls after I told trisha that I haven't heard a thing from him after he said he would get back with me

The unit has a failure in the frame, you are saying the unit is not worth anything and you can't really sell it because of the issues. So again I am screwed by the whole situation, from a repair that I still question due to the lack of knowledge of the people performing it, forest river not doing the right thing and just replace the unit with the same exact leftover 2018 wildcat 29rlx, or do a buyback at a respectful offer. They want you to buy it for 24k when fixed, if this repair is anything as described they will have restored it to a 24k realistic value. 4 uses less than 1k mileage towed and 40k to 24k with a jacked up frame that caused a crack in main side wall of the rv and has been in your service yard from july 8 to today oct. 3 2019, and who knows how long until I get back at least 2020

Sorry but I really don't think they are listening to you, I really can't see if you go up the chain with just all the bs that has gone on, the time involved that an executive wont say okay enough is enough make this 1 customer happy. We can write off a 18k our cost rv to make all this go away, we don't have a pissed off customer, a work staff that can actually do work, and a dealer that doesn't have a customer every day calling, texting, coming into a showroom and has to discuss an issue from july and now it is oct. The profits they make this is peanuts and the negative publicity this will generate. It is well worth sending this email to the next guy up and let him read it, let him send it even higher. Contact me directly this will show me how customer service is the goal for them. If he or anyone else wants every single email dealing with everything I will be glad to send it. Three months to get a schedule appointment is ridiculous, or it shows how much crap they produce that has to go back to the factory and thru the line along side ones that will be coming back soon. If a car maker took months just to get you in for a warranty issue they at least would give you a loaner. Instead we the people who pay for rv and have to wait 1/2 year to get a unit fixed and return to us are screwed for that time. We can't ask questions because they can't answer questions, don't understand their own procedures, and how metal is effected by camber and then re-camber, heat ect.. Just for the record certain metals cant have excessive heat applied, welded on without causing brittle fatigue, and oh the big one welding on I beam faces. I don't know how many of these apply because I cant get answers.

Sorry but if they are not going to listen to my complaint, answer it with correct answers directly with me it falls on you and your company. American family rv the one I came in and bought from. My frustration can either be passed and stressed how this could be resolved but it will come to you first. If you want me to direct it somewhere else give me the email addresses, phone numbers and I will be glad to cc you on everyday emails they will get along with every forum posting, and bbb complaint I make. If I buy from a car dealer I would be in the owner office of the dealership getting this straight, sorry but that is the cost of doing business with a person that paid good money expects company's to live up to their word and do the right and fair thing. Yes they have a right to make a repair I have the right to have it done in a timely manner and an expectation to have something last more than 4 uses and not have to go back to the factory for the extensive repairs. Depreciation is with everything, but I am losing double due to a factory repair that everyone including you will say it is not original it has been worked on. So who should compensate me for that, oh forest river.

I think that if you have the pull you say you do that we could and should be in a better place, and forest river would step up 1 time for you

Will never buy a forest river product again. Anyone thinking about it do not do it. The reviews are real they don't care about you and your rv once it is sold, and from what I am seeing is the warranty isn't worth much either due to the time it is taking to address. Going on 4 months so time repairs are made it will be over 6 months and into a new year 2020. Save your monet and move on from their products.

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