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Last week-end I attended an RV Fair and subsequently purchased an 2011 RV. I had told the salesman I wanted a new 2014 RV, but was just shopping. He took us for a trial drive in a 2014 RV and I really liked it. We parked and he said just leave it running until we come back to it. When we came back, it was gone. He said do you remember which one it was? With a lot full of RVs we just picked one that looked like it. He took us inside and it was pretty much the same EXCEPT the sign said 2011. We asked him about this and he said it didn't have the right equipment to be sold before. When we got to the paper work, it came out that it had 55000 miles on it. It didn't even have an operators manual. We did a 'walk-through' but who can remember everything said about how everything works?? Also when asked about the oil, it was changed a year ago. I said I don't know much about RVs but shouldn't that have been changed? He said I had to get the managers okay. Now when I call them no one is in and all I can get is voice mail, but no one calls me back.


  • We purchased a 2018 rockwood signature ultra lite 8329 in June. We are extremely dissatisfied in the quality of workmanship of Forest Rivers product. We have had a fresh water leak, the slide was crooked, the refrigerator is very noisy, the screws fell out of a valance and the bathroom sliding door, now there are two more water leaks underneath, and the gauges have never worked right.

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