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We purchased a $70,000 trailer in 2021, it has been in the shop longer than we have been able to camp with it.

The bedroom slide had a 8inch by 8inch gap allowing all rain to pour in.

The couch in the bunk house was never attached and just free to bounce around the trailer.

The main door will not shut unless slammed, the entire frame needs replaced.

The finishing is atrocious, one bump and the tiny little nails come out.

Every window shade has popped off the at some point.

There was no access hole for hose to come out so we had to leave that door open at all times.

The first trip camping the air conditioner stopped working.

The jwrap metal needs replaced.

These are just the major issues that we have had to take it back to where we bought it 3 times! Currently they have had it since december and claim they can not get the correct parts from forest river. I hate to keep badgering the shop when in all it is forest river who slapped this trailer together just to make a sale.

Imagine purchasing a product for $70,000 laying out $20,000 in cash and then that product spends 75% of its first year off the lot getting repaired and maintenance work done.

If you don't have time to do it right, then you certainly don't have time to do it over and that is where we are now. You have customer after customer waiting on parts and you pass the blame onto the sales person.

I don't want this trailer. I would like to be fully refunded. This camper is so unreliable I don't trust taking it long distances. You took advantage or the pandemic and slapped together campers promising a taste of normal life with socially distant vacations, safer way of travel.

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