Food City / language discrimination

35th Ave/Glendale Rd, United States

Att the Food City on 35th Avenue and Glendale, while picking up a few items Sunday April 14, 2019, because it's so close to my home, the overhead announcements for their Shoppers were broadcasted only in Spanish. When I asked the cashier if she spoke English she said no. Another girl stepped up I asked her if she spoke English and she kind of said very little. Yet, when I asked why the overhead announcements are in Spanish only, all of a sudden her English improved immaculately. She looked at me and said "do you think we know?" "ask our corporate office." When I asked her why everyone claims to not speak English she replied "because we don't have to"...her name, she said, is Olivia. Well, if everyone at this Food City doesn't speak English..then I have contacted ICE and an attorney to help me in a discrimination suit. In a country where we translate everything into Spanish, the grocery store tells me they don't have to speak English much less translate their overhead announcements into English, that is when I am going to take action as an American. Do what you want with this information, however my efforts are already in motion. I highly suggest you change your language policies. I feel I am discriminated against in my own country. My attorney agrees., and we are considering a precedent lawsuit. Food City is a very large chain and I'm sure has lots and lots of money and if you're adamant about discriminating against the English language, I will be more than happy to acquire your assets through a legal lawsuit. Because THIS is America, and I can!

Apr 15, 2019

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