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I Aug 17, 2018 Review updated:

As I was in your flight this Tuesday 14-08-2018, I checked and dropped my luggage. I had it sercured with plustic rap and those black plastic clip on things, but to my surprise when I got to my destination my baga was open and I was missing my clothes and other things I left in my bag. I don't understand why and how this happened since I secured my bag. I lost most of my things there and had to spend money that I didn't have to replace my luggage. I would like to report that and I would really appreciate the list of all staff members handling our luggage on that day, I would also lile to know wht happens to me as a paying customer to your airline. Your response will be highly appreciated.

Itumeleng Fanos


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    candyls Aug 21, 2018

    the flight and staff on board the plane were professional, however, my bag was a little damaged and had a slight tear, my shampoo and lotion were all over my clothes and inside my bag. when I complained to the gentleman at the baggage section at the east London airport on landing, he looked at me and said "sorry"...
    I am really disappointed.


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