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My children flew with Fly Dubai(fromDubai) to Bishkek, one suitcase got lost for the duration of two weeks, contents of this suitcase were new bought clothes for their 2 week holiday.So had to buy new clothing, new fishing rods and campinggear. My children are home now and the suitcase is now at Schiphol, I have to collect it myself, I live two hours from Schiphol, so it"s a 4 hour drive( if I had a car )or by train which costs me money..again. Today I received an email, they will not deliver the suitcase at my home adress and there is no insurance policy for costs I have made and have to make, they will, however give a 150 USD vouchers to be spent at ...guess..Fly Dubai!! Is there anybody out there who shares the same bad experience with Flydubai??I am so angry and have been sent left, right and centre..I just want my suitcase back, here deliverd at my door, it is not my fault they lost it, all together it was a very costly holiday and now on top of it Ihave to go to Schiphol!!!Is ther no other way to get my suitcase back or money instead of vouchers, I still have to make expenses for something which is not my fault !


  • Fa
    Fadi Bachour Aug 14, 2018

    I was booked my tickets on may 07/05/2018 tow tickets but I didn't book my seat should I have to seat beside my wife in the plane but your employees didn't give me same place with my wife .
    I can't understand how you are serving the customer thanks any way .

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  • Jo
    Jobals Aug 16, 2018

    Well, this is guy is not really helpful. He was sarcastic when he was talking to me. I think he is not suitable to be in this kind of industry. He should know how to listen to customers need. Needs improvement or else he can work at the back office.

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  • Mo
    Mohamad Harb Aug 20, 2018

    They have the most careless customer service team in Dubai and the silliest thing!

    there is nobody complains to


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  • Su
    Suzan Fadlallah Aug 20, 2018

    I swear you have the worst on line and agents ever. It's just rediculous that I had to spend 3 hrs just trying to book on line and through your agent and every time it's a different lame excuse. For god's sake, take some serious intensive training courses from emirates airlines. This is unacceptable.

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  • Re
    Remialexander Aug 20, 2018

    Could you please advise when should i expect to receive my requested refund.
    As Showing on trailing email I received on August 1, it is stated that "Our Customer Engagement Team will get back to you within 10 calendar days."
    Today 13 calendar days has passed and no one got back to me.

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  • Mo
    MOHAMMAD6665 Aug 20, 2018

    Tag number FZ258792 baggage found missed very very bad experience irresponsible job no body responding it will damaged your credibility very bad staff you have no body responding correctly you should take care of our luggage

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  • De
    deepika muthukrishnan Sep 16, 2019

    @MOHAMMAD6665 same problem here brother

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  • Yo
    Younas shah Sep 01, 2018

    Worst experience with flydubai for flight delayed and no room giving for 24 hours people are just saying wait here we have no room and nothing... shame on us that we choose flydubai

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  • Gu
    gulfit Sep 01, 2018

    I emailed to flydubai that cancel my ticket. I visited fly Dubai Muscat office for cancellation they said we canceled. then once the date passed they said we didn't cancel it, you have to call head office.
    ticket ref number: XONZ37
    Staff in ticketing office is misguiding only.

    please contact me at : +96897194599

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  • Aa
    Aamir Marfani Sep 10, 2018

    Very bad work system

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  • Oo
    oohud Sep 19, 2018

    My case Number is # 04453035 in Fly Dubai records.

    Without Conclusion they close the case and the respondent from letstalk just ignored everything that i explain.

    Can anyone help me, how to contact with whistle-blower in Fly Dubai...?

    Its been more then 1.5 Months without collusion and they just close the case.

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  • Gu
    Guna Sep 20, 2018

    I made online booking dxb to ktm on Sep 10 by cc payment. But now it come to know dat not allowed to travel for dis destination by card payment.If so u shouldn't have card payment options for this nationals to avoid confusion.

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  • Za
    Zaryab Hussain Oct 16, 2018

    plz change your staff in multan international airport pakistan special this guy ali abass because this man is bull shit and also ur staff dont know how to talk with pessengrs they have no kindness . tanku

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  • Ib
    IbrahIbrahim Oct 23, 2018

    We are in Tanzania... our aircraft has technical issues.. you deal with us like animals ... no help no assistance

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  • Im
    Imran mandhai Oct 27, 2018

    My complaint num FZ 16129
    I have purchased the prime at 11000rs and we have gone to makkah for umrah we gave many followup to the staff or jeddah but they were saying they will send asap but atlast we couldn't recd the prime now we r back to mumbai we want the claim of my prime
    Plz do the needfull ...

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  • Mo
    mohamed222 Oct 27, 2018

    Kindly I cancelled my booking from 3 month ago . And I didn't receive any voucher of cancellation and no refundΒ 
    Please advise

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  • Ma
    Manal Nayef Oct 28, 2018

    I try to book through fly dubai, I inter the information of my card and then not continue the screen is freze, so I book with rehlat same time and dates with fly dubai, suddenly fly dubai deduct the money and send booking confirmation which mean I have know two tickets with same time and dates on fly dubai, so please what I can do know?

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  • Al
    Alexandru Necula Oct 28, 2018

    Hi, my name is necula constantin alexandru and I booked a fly from bucharest henri coanda to goa charter and return on 12 march 2016, flight no. Fz-798 and fz-4511. They canceled both flays and didn't return me the money until today. I emailed them a thousand times and I asked them for the refound and they didnt do anithing. Shame on them!!!

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  • Bi
    Bilal Diab Nov 04, 2018

    it was the first time using flydubai airlines and was disappointing for the unjustified delay we were sitting in the airplane for 1:30 minutes without knowing what is happening. i don't think that i will recommend or use this carrier any more.

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  • No
    Noor Ul Haque Nov 11, 2018

    Please throw away your online system. It really sucks. I can't imagine an airline whose flight booking system intermittently gives unresolvable errors.

    Shame on you guys!!!

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  • Mu
    Muhammad Faisal Nov 11, 2018

    My name is Muhammad Faisal Amanat Ali and i was treval with flydubai 01/03/2017 time 00:25 flight number FZ-337 during the treval i lost my passport in plane and exit time i did't check my pocket and left so please help me to find out my passport
    Name muhammad faisal
    Passport no . BM8917062
    [email protected]

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  • Mu
    Muath1988 Nov 12, 2018

    Flight FZ 019 was delayed twice, we a proched the front desck for information and your agent have us an attitude . We asked him the way we can complain and he stated im the one responsible for this gate and you can complain to me. Also he made fun of the customers by making somechallenging & bad statements.

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  • Ar
    Arif40 Nov 13, 2018

    Hi I am regular customer of fly Dubai and I having a complaint regarding service issue, Your service is very poor without prior notice why your flight no FZ583 is getting delayed for 3 hours on 15 Dec 2016 at 3:15 am. Waiting for 3 hours is much paindful for passengers. Kindly do something for better service...

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