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I'm legally blind since 2012, 68 yrs old, also suffer a walking disability. This is very hard for me to type but I'm trying to save my home. If you look at my property tax record you will find I just always paid my taxes on time. My son lives with me, but works full time at the Okeechobee Sheriff's dept & does have a life of his own. M life has changed since I have become legally blind in 2012. Okeechobee co property appraiser Bandi is holding a lien against my home from 2012 to 2016 his reasoning is I never lived there I abandoned this property. He has already extorted monies out of me for 2017 & 2018 stated I had to pay the differences from having homestead to not having homestead. Now I have to pay the same differences again from 2012 to 2016. Since being blind my life has completely changed. I stay with a friend who is also a senior at least 60% but I always return to me home every month. Apparently Bandi does like it because I get not all, but some of my mail at a different address. I have a Fla DL for strictly ID purposes & Okeechobee voter reg card. I think what started this is when Fla motor vehicle renewed my license in 2013 I ask them to place my Okeechobee address on my license renew but mail to a Sebring address. Well when I received my renew it was wrong, they placed the Sebring address on it. I called them right away they looked up the record seen they made a mistake & corrected it while I was on the phone with them within several days I had the correct address of Okeechobee on my license. Bandi shows me no proof that I do not live there as my primary residence. I was under the impression I did mot have to live there 24/7. You can find me there every month but I come & go sometime staying several days or a week or so then I'm on the road again since my senior friend takes me shopping, doctor visits, going out to dinner. I need this investigated, Bandi took my friend Sherry Watkins homestead, but when Ms. Watkins confronted him he gave it back to her. I have done nothing wrong, but I have no choice Bandi has given me. I have contacted ACLU, Channel 5 WPTV, & the ADA at this writing & will contact also the Fed Justice dept if someone can not look into this. It seems like all I get is a brush off. I have broke no laws. Michelle Compeau, [protected] or [protected]

Sep 01, 2019
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  •   Sep 01, 2019

    You’re contacting the “Fed justice dept” and your son is a sheriff. The jokes and embarrassment for your son by you is astounding. Have your son deal with this. You aren’t occupying the residence enough to prove residency and using another address is proof of no residency. Being blind is not an excuse for not paying taxes. Senior citizens groups offer assistance to disabled people and could have straightened this out years ago. Now you’ll have penalties and fees due for not paying taxes. Your son lives there with you but can’t open a bill and pay it? What benefits do you receive for living alone? Your son there could cost you your benefits n

    Homestead is a term not used around here but liens for unpaid taxes is common and they take the house after trying to sell it. Could be a decade until they sell it off and you can pay your taxes and live there.

    Your son has an obligation to see the taxes paid.

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