Florida Department Of Revenuechild support order-#2001231055

F Jul 18, 2019

July 18, 2019

I contacted Mrs. Donna Lingerfelt and advised that I had my child ren in my Custody in April 2018 and March 2019. I also requested a Modification of my case. Mrs. Lingerfelt advised me that I could not request a Modification and it didn't matter if I had the children in my care. When the order was initially submitted by Arnitra McClellan she requested a Modification because she knowingly knew that one of three children was emancipated and no actions was taken on her request. I submitted paper work with the children registration and proof of residence in Georgia. The case was closed in Feb 2019 because Alexis Bonner was emancipated and I was issued a refund. Three weeks later I received a letter that Aaleiyah Bonner was omitted from the previous case and they began garnishing my wages again and also reported a negative impact to the credit bureau. Did anyone read the order? I also reported that the children were still residing in Georgia. Arnitra hasn't had Custody of the Children since February 21, 2018. Arnitra filed the claim for Child support when I had the children in my care (FRAUD). I filed for a modification again in April 2019 but they haven't been able to locate Arnitra McClellean to provide proof of Residence or Custody of Aaleiyah Bonner. I have contacted her Parole Officer D Gonzales here in Georgia 678-398-9029 or 678-903-5186 for assistance with locating her because she's in Contempt with the Child Support Order. Why are you all holding my payments for the summer months? PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THE ORDER

Freddrick Bonner
2351 Skyline Pl SW
Marietta GA 30008

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