Florida Department Of Revenuechild support

S Jul 05, 2019

2015 a child support order was established 2 month ago i noticed that for the last 2 years i havent been receiving the right amount ( i will attach my court order). I went to the local office in orlando talked to several chat agents. After it was updated to the correct amount a month later my retro active support got lowered by 6 000 dollars. When i asked what happened nobody could answer. Today i was suppoae to get $425. $249 in active and the the rest for retro like my court order states. I only see $262 going in my account. So i went on the chat and asked why i even get less before i will attach a screen shot of this as well. Im trying to figure out what is happening and why my accounts is getting updated incorrectly and is not in compliance with the court order. Im a single mom and i depend on every dime also its me exhusbands responsibility. He didnt get medical even so the court order states. And the least he can do pay now since he hasnt paid since 7 years. I attache my court order and pictures of the retro i toom from my account from may where it was still 13500 and july 2 were it went down to 7400. I really just want answers and explanations for why this hasnt gotten fixed and my retro got messed up without receiving the money. Silke spradling. Email [protected]

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