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In 2003 I joined Flexi Club. During presentation you are told to buy a certain number of points. You are also told you are to contribute a certain amount monthly. This monthly contribution you are told is an investment that you later claim back after finishing paying the contract.

There are hidden costs. After some time of joining a letter arrived to say I must pay an amount in excess of a thousand rands. When I enquired from the rep what it was about he told me it was meant to protect the investment against inflation. This amount actually go for accommodation costs.

This year i contacted them now that I finished the five year contract about refund on investment. I was told I have to sell the points privately if I needed money. All these was never explained on joining.

The worrying thing is that you are not

equipped to sell these points and the selling price is low compared to when you buy from them. Alternatively you are referred to a company that sell points and you must pay for them to do that. Nothing they say during presentation comes out being true.

What actually woke me up was the many complaints about them I read on other sites for complaints. This has been a very painful experience in my entire life of dealing with business people.


  • Sh
    Sheri Grobbelaar Oct 09, 2008

    Please have a look on www.Facebook.com. Group - Flexi Club - mense wat gevang is deur hulle

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  • Pi
    pieter labuscghagne Feb 05, 2009

    I had a similar experience when trying to sell my 'investment'. I later gave up and for the moment just keep paying the annual fees without being able to get rid of the burden.

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  • Hu
    Hugo Lambrechts Feb 09, 2009

    The same happened to me. I joined in 2006 and will never recommend anyone to be so naive as to believe all the lies and promises. Is there nobody that can stop this?

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  • Da
    Dale Goosen Feb 16, 2009

    All of us are being duped, they simply have oversold their facilities and now never ever are able to get you in anywhere, except some unheard of bunalow resort too far to travell to.
    A case in point ...4 weeks of being on the phone to secure a unit at suncity to no avail...so I paid to go myself . on getting there half the vacation club units were empty ...not as I was told, all full ...pathetic ...pse let expose them for what they are, don`t even try to sell yr points as everyone seems to know they have no value. I would be happy to pay towards class action to get legal action going against them

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  • Ni
    Nic Botha Feb 18, 2009

    I joined flexi club in 2005. What a big mistake. I now want to cancell my membership with them and was told it is a lifetime contract. Most of my pages of the contract are not even sighned by me. There was told that i will keep my timeshare and there are no futher costs to me. Two months later they send me the documents for transfer of ownership with a R980.00 charge for transfer fees. The page on the contract that reveals this was sighned but was canceled by the consultant as i explained if i have to release ownership to them i would not join. Now they send me another transfer of ownership documents to me. i had enouth and gave the contract to my annorney. Still waiting to hear from her, but she said we are going to nail them, as there are no witnessess that sighned and that the contract is incomplete.

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  • Ni
    Nico Apr 03, 2009

    Flexiclub is still deceiving people. I'm stuck in this web and there is always an excuse from them why you cannot cancel your contract.

    My last try, I've been cancelling my contract since Oct 2009 and when somebody eventually received it in January 2009. I'm denied cancellation due to my membership fees not payed for 2009. That is more than R1000.

    Trick question; if I pay it in, do you think I will get it back?

    Please be warned, it is a hell hole!!!

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  • Sh
    Shamiel Essop Apr 08, 2009

    I agree that there service and accounts department is pathetic, we were also conned into upgrading our existing points to VIP status and were promised by the sales consultant JENANDE SOLOMONS, her managers name is Marawaan, 10 cheap weekends per year for R500.00 per 4 sleeper per weekend.Needless to say that when we phone reservations to book these weekends, then the reservations department does not know what we are talking about.
    Do you perhaps know if anybody else was conned like this, is there no legal action that can be taken agianst these people.?

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  • Hi
    HiSpeed Apr 23, 2009

    We had a wonderful membership at Magaliespark and were approached by Flexiclub to upgrade so we can can gain access to more resorts . What a wonderful idea!! Well, so far the contracted club fees have escalated from R 750 in the contract to R 1250 in the first year ! without any notification .They levy interest, yet do not submit statements prior to raising the interest. The whole system is a total sham!! we were conned and regret having upgraded!! The company works on lies and deceit no value for money and total disaster . No comes the problem of getting rid of the points!!!

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  • Hi
    HiSpeed Apr 23, 2009

    Its no good trying to contact them by Email they dont respond to complaints . They have managed to turn sunny fun holidays into a journey to hell

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  • Fe
    Fed Up May 28, 2009

    I'd like to begin a campaign of publically exposing these people for the hell they are putting us through. I will start by contacting talk radio 702 in johannesburg and cape town, and would appreciate more calls so that the station could pick up on this urgent need. I am currentl being hounded and threatened with black listing because according to them I have not paid an amount of R200 odd, this, after I made a very painfull payment of R4726.43 to them for annual fees, which they of course do not tell you about up front. I look forward to hearing your stories on the local air waves.
    702 Contact details - Fax 0865012014, Comment Line 0115063855, Studio 0118830702

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  • Hi
    HiSpeed May 28, 2009

    Totally agree !! Their system works on intimidation, Lies and deceit. After settling their inflated invoices with interest I still get threatening demand postcards ! 4 Emails and a monthly international call to resolve each time what they say and do are two different things!!
    Time for hi profile media attention - News papers, fair deal etc Maybe auditors, SARS etc to bring them in line with business best practice. Oh perhaps a course in customer relations aswell !! They havnt a clue!! By the way you are not allowed to cancel membership!! The head of the business ignores repeated emails ...!!!
    Totally disgusting organisation rotten from top to bottom . Pity the resorts they are managing are great - what a waste...
    Suggest copying the whole conversation thread to 702 although this will be over in a 1 hour programme. It will require more intense investigations.

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  • Hi
    HiSpeed May 28, 2009

    Suggest "FED UP" starts a club/ feature on face book etc these days rotten apples can be exposed to a wide audience first hand...

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  • Br
    Brian Hill Jun 18, 2009

    I am also a victim of lies, misrepresentations, extortion threats and distress at the hands of this club yet no government or public office will take action against the club. I have tried the Office of the Consumer Protection, FEDHASA, DTI etc all of whom maintain it is not within their mandate or jurisdiction. In other words, the man on the street has no protection, unless he has enough wealth th take legal action. I await instruction from the club as to whether I sell my car or my house to pay their extortionate demands, as I have no other assets after the collapse of my bank and the effects of hyperinflation.

    Is this club BBEE compliant, ?

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  • Th
    Thobela Maponya Jun 23, 2009

    I am also in the same boat. If there is anyone who can assist, please help. We need to nail these people. We cannot afford to have this going on.

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  • Se
    Seppe Jul 23, 2009

    We're all in the same boat. It would be interesting to hear whether Nic Botha (154 days ago) has had any joy in his efforts to get a lawyer to help him. Unfortunately lawyers also charge for their services so is this a case of more wasted money or has it been worthwhile?

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  • Bh
    Bheki C Nyandeni Aug 06, 2009

    i'm also avictim of the same company (Flexi club) The guy by the name of Fredie Mabalane took my credit cards to enter their competition, After amonth my statements show that i did purchase for the value of R3000 at Benoni which i didn't.Now they continue taking my money even if idid e-mail the complain to the same company .

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  • Rv
    R van Dyk Aug 19, 2009

    My husband & I are Flexiclub members since 1997 - not by choice though. We are married to it and cannot get a divorce. No one even wants it for free. We don't get any pleasure from it since our points are by now worth too little to go anywhere. In years when trying to make a booking, we had no success due to non availability. We thus share the frustration since we don't have the financial backing!

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  • Je
    JeanMuir Oct 30, 2009

    CANT BELIEVE I was so stupid, should have read all these things before they caught me too. We got married in October 2009 and was sold Flexiclub on our honeymoon. The consultant knew we didn't have money at the time for the deposit and she explained that she would write a letter and sell our 10 Bonus weeks that we won for us to make up the R13000. Anyway, still cant get hold of our Consultant and my credit card is costing me a arm and a leg. When I called the Flexiclub head office the lady informed me that its impossible to sell bonus weeks and if I manage I would need to pay the bookings. Freaking great!!! The head office lady was so incredibly rude.
    I hope they get taken over by a competent company soon. Since we cant cancel the contract, we only had 5 days to cancel. Not even a month.

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  • Jo
    Joey10 Feb 10, 2010

    Since being a member of Flexi-Club, I have learned a little more about THE HIDDEN COSTS and tried to get out, but with great difficulty. I was informed that the value of points are now at R11-40, but cannot even sell it for R5-00 per point.
    If anyone is interested in buying approx. 3900 points from me please contact me. I really want out of this bad deal!

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  • An
    andre.vanniek01 Mar 02, 2010

    I applied for the membership and to my dismay also found out that none of the benefits explained to me by the salemsam are actually in effect!There must be some kind of legal action that can be taken against them!! Any advice?

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  • Is
    Isme Aug 18, 2010

    This is the worse place to have points with. Please let everyone know - increasing fees - after the sales agent said no. - no cancelation!!!

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  • To
    tommy c mills Sep 29, 2010

    come on, not all is negative. they do force you to go on holiday every year and having flexi points makes it possible for us to go to places we would never be able to go to privately otherwise. we have 47000 accumilated points with 7200 points added yearly. i dont suppose anybody would like to buy it with all the negative remarks going around? i do suppose its a life long burden. but what when the day come when you really cant afford paying the levy anymore. do they actually sue you? can they take possession of your private property?
    except for being blacklisted what else can they do if you dont pay the levy any longer?

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  • Ph
    Philip Spies Nov 01, 2010

    A serious warning to anybody contemplating to join Flexiclub. I joined them a couple of years ago after the continuous prodding an promises of their sales persons. It is worse than throwing money in the water, it is selling yourself into bondage for life and beyond to an organisation that increases its annual fees by double the inflation rate without the conscent of its members. You cannot throw the membership away because you will then be run-down and treated like a runaway slave - that is according to the spokesperson at the finance department. To all of you that are still 'free' from the bondage of these so-called holday clubs: never contemplate joining them or falling for their sweettalking sales people. Stay away from them like the pest, do not fall for the sales pitch on the telephone. Phil in Paarl.

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  • Cl
    C.Louw Dec 10, 2010

    An absolute untrustworthy company, and boy o boy, total sharks if your account with them is faulty AND it was their mistakes !!!

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  • Kh
    Khaphela Jan 15, 2011

    I have gone through most of the complaints on this site and I could not help laughing. Do not be fooled my laughter, it is supposed to be tears because I am also a victim of this scam. Flexi club has money to buy lawyers into bullying us and threatning us. The worst that can happen is that they will blacklist us. Let us hold back on our monies because we are fueling this insanity by bowing to their threats. Each and every disgruntled member must stop paying and if they take your money from your bank account, immediately go to the bank and reverse the debit order. This will cut back on their cashflow and they will not afford the lawyers, or consultants. At least within 3 months they will have to file for bankrupsy. If they decide to reposses our property to pay for their outstanding fees, we refuse in front of the court and opt for prison. The truth is that no one has ever been put in prison for being unable to pay for clothing accounts, cars, houses, investment accounnts, shares, instead you are blacklisted. I pesonally believe that even if I get blacklisted, the umbudsman will understand my case

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  • Re
    Rene' Mar 08, 2011

    Ongelukig is ons ook victims van hulle. Ons het aangsluit in 2009 op ons honeymoon. Ons wou nie eintlik aansluit nie, want die finansies is nie stabiel nie, maaar sy praat ons toe in laat ons wel aansluit. Die uiteinde is dat ons elke jaar R2800+ moet opdoek vir Refurbishment fee. Op die kontrak staan daar niks van dat dit 'n once off fee is of elke jaar nie. Ons het met bittere spyt uit gevind dis elke jaar. Plu jou maandelikse fooi (subscription) plus kontrak fooi waar jy die punte betaal. Ons het laas maand die R2800+ af betaal gekry, en skaars 'n week later, kry ek 'n sms wat se ons is R2800+ overdue. Hul suip geld, maar mens kan niks daaromtrent doen nie. Al is daar 'n 'cool-off paeriod', van 'n week, help dit niks want teen 'n paar maande in vind jy eers uit watse skelms hulle is. Enige iemand wat 'n uitweg kry, asb laat weet ons almal op post dit op die complaints area. Want hierdie mense is net agter geld aan. Ons is so spyt dat ons aan gesluit het. Rene'

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  • Ni
    niSim Alkalay Jul 30, 2011

    I totaly agree that the entier members of this club need to stop and terminate colectivly the payments to Flexi club and for good. Unles Flexi club come with new terms and conditions on a fair bassis.
    It is totaly unlowfull to bound anyone for terms of payments without exit terms for ever, If a member like to walk out and stop his membership or he can’t eford the PLESURE any longer or he simply like to move on, he should be able to do so and do it freely without big deal about it on call without bleading and incuring any agrivation what so ever.

    niSim Alkalay

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  • Ly
    Lynette vd Pas Feb 18, 2013

    Bought points / timeshare at Magalies Park through Flexiclub (that was what I was told) and it would be added to my existing membership in June 2012. Transaction went through credit card. Sales person: Leandree Govender (Umhlanga Office). After months of houding vacation club they now informed me I should contact Grand Vacation Club and Flexiclub is busy with an internal investigation. I want a refund. I don't even know who Grand Vacation Club is. Flexiclub has just left me in this mess. I have proof of purchase on FlexiClub Conversion application, Credit card authorisation - Grand Vacation club form and credit card statement where payment went through.

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  • Ta
    tabias Aug 15, 2018

    unauthorised transaction fees

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  • Ma
    marreli Nov 10, 2019



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  • Mp
    Mpho35 Nov 11, 2019

    Ive cancelled my Flexi holiday membership it was getting too expensive for me and i received an email with cancellation letter, representative Reshma says that the letter is invalid because it does not contain my member Number HOW STUPID TO THEY THINK PEOPLE ARE REALLY I'M.NOW LISTED ON ITC AND can't apply for anything

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