Fitness 19membership scam


My husband and I recently moved to a new area of town. There was a fitness 19 flyer put in our mailbox. It said $10 for unlimited gym membership with a 30 day free trial. We went in and they assured us no hidden fees, $10 a month for unlimited after our 30 day trial ended. We were charged $50 for start up, and then my fee was $15 a month while my husband's was $10. Also we got hit with two $39.95 fees. When I called and asked she said oh that is an annual fee for maintenance. I said this was not explained to us and with all these costs broken down we would have stayed with our other gym which offered classes, a lot more modern equipment and showers etc. I called and spoke to the manager who said she had to talk to her corporate office but assured me she would call me back. I never heard back from her. Also, I wasn't even present to sign myself up, my husband did this. I asked to cancel mine as I travel and have only used the gym twice, to which the response is no must come in in person. How can I sign up without being there but to cancel I have to be there? I would not sign up with this gym, unless you are okay with hidden fees.

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