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I am new to the Rochester area and have had a membership at Fitness 19 for about 6 weeks. I am taking classes at the local university and found out my tution covers the university's recreation center. I went into Fitness 19 and spoke with Erhan Guler. He was ready to allow me to cancel my membership until he found out I had paid in full. He refused to refund any portion of the money I had paid although the contract I had signed made no mention of rules for those paying in full. When I asked for someone in charge (like the owner) he would not tell me who that was. Buyer beware. This is not over I will file a complaint with the State of Michigan

  • Updated by Henderson Corruption · Jun 12, 2018

    A couple of men employees at the facility Fitness 19 has bullied a female member, always mocking her, bugging her, teasing her, laughing at her, and singling her out, blocking her as she walks from area to area in the gym ( towards bathroom and water fountain, entry door and exit).
    One African male and a Mexican or Latino male with tatoos, age probably 21 -23


  • Vi
    Vikas Oct 17, 2008

    While joining contract with fitness 19 they charge me for the first month and last month. When i gave notice for the cancellation they are charging me again for the last month which they didn't tell me during joining fitness 19. Guys please beware before joining fitnedd 19. this is a fraud .

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  • Er
    Erhan Guler Sep 05, 2009

    From: Fitness 19 - Erhan Guler

    RE: Response to Compaint

    Please be advised that the subject member was advised to enroll for a month to month membership - based on their situation. This was followed by an advisement, both verbally and written from Fitness 19, that a refund is not available after a "trial-period" of 30 days has expired. Member returned after 60 days requesting the refund.

    Fitness 19 is pleased to be a "fair practice" business establishment which prides itself in honoring membership agreements. We sincerely regret any misunderstandings that the former member may have had regarding the establishments written policies.

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  • Lo
    louismark Sep 26, 2009

    give me a break!! explain the club "enhancement" fees?? ive seen nothing get enchanced in 3 years...the partners pocket at least 20k each dec. just from that - that's consumer fraud if you ask me

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  • 19
    19rochester Oct 11, 2009

    Fitness 19 Rochester Mi
    I went into Fitness 19 last week to check out the facilities because I was thinking of joining a new gym and was not impressed. The gym itself was a basic gym which was expected but what I didn't like was the staff. They use a lot of high pressure selling tactics to "close the deal" and it all is a bunch of baloney. Things like "Oh you’re so lucky, last day of the sale" "You’re getting a really great deal" "If you don't sign up right now you're going to miss out and prices will raise tomorrow" etc. I receive coupons every week saying there's a sale. I left there with a really bad feeling about the place and it was all because of how the staff made me feel. I actually had every intention of joining before that. And of course there were a lot of "extra" fees after they made their initial pitch. The manager came over and was asking if they told us yet about the first and last month fees, processing fees, etc. $199 processing dues come on all they have to do is enter into a computer. I just did not like their tactics it made them all seem slimy and was the reason I changed my mind about joining. I decided it was worth the couple extra bucks to join the gym right down the road.

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  • Gr
    Greatcall Jan 19, 2010

    It is what it is. We signed up with Erhan Guler at the Clinton Twp location. We read the contract before we signed it and stated that we did not want automatic drafts taken out of our account. Furthermore we agreed to pay cash up front to receive a better rate. We have been members for over 3 years. Now you signed a contract and that is exactly what it is a contract to stick with the club for stated period of time. If you weren't sure about your school covering you that is not a fitness 19 problem or the other members who pay. Be a big girl and take responsibility. I am not an employee of fitness 19 just someone who is sick of adult consumers who blame companies over their own buyer's remorse. You don't get do-overs in life and not everyone gets a participation award. Time to grow up.

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  • Wt
    WT06 Feb 07, 2010

    if you cancel your membership after they charge you for their "enhancement fee" that fee is not refunded. i cancelled after 1year and a month and they will not refund any of my 46.00 fee. WHAT A JOKE. THE GYM SUCKS ANYWAYS!!

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  • Ju
    junfan Mar 31, 2010

    I was a member of fitness 19 in Lawrenceville, GA for two years and last December I went in and apparently the transaction for tuition was rejected so the manager told me I could not work out. I explained I have been there for two years and get paid bi-weekly, so sometimes the funds are not there for a day or two, but it has never been an issue and I was always able to have them resubmit in a day or two. this guy told me I had to leave and was doing all of this in front of other guests, so I told him fine, I would leave and not come back. this is a new mgt group and they all three are in their early 20's, so not very experienced. they billed me anyway and took the money from my account, along with enhancement fees. I went and told them again, that I was coming back and wrote it on the letter they sent me and left it at the front desk.

    I have not been back since early December or the day of the incident and they have continued to bill me for every month since then until it is almost $165 in charges. I am not going to pay as they are basically trying to make me pay to save my credit. the managers there know I don't come, I don't want to and it has become personal so the mgr. Danielle, just keeps on billing me, she is not very professional. I have let them know verbally and in writing that I am not a member and how a month to month place is reeling me in like I have a contract? you cannot talk to anyone above them, because they say there is nobody else to talk to. I have learned in my 50 yrs that if you don't allow customers to escalate an issue, then something is seriously wrong with your company. I am having to get a pre paid lawyer to do a demand letter to see if that works. Stay Away!!!

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  • Fd
    fdsadidssaifjf Jan 05, 2011

    Fitness 19 in Rochester Hills is horrible!!! I froze my account while going back to college and they still charged me annual fees even though they said that would not happen. When I tried to dispute the matter they gave me the run around and kept saying I needed to call back later to talk to a manger who wasn't there. The owner, Erhan, uses unethical practices to promote his business and everyone should be aware who joins.

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  • Ku
    Kurt619 Jan 22, 2011

    All i could say is don't join fitness 19! A lot of people have told me it's a scam! If you're going to cancel your account, CHANGE your account number/credit card number. Then cancel. If you don't do that, they will continue to bill you even after you have canceled your account! I know because i tried to cancel my membership before fitness 19 opened their doors which means i was still able to get a full refund (only had $55 down so far). I came, signed some papers, and my membership was now canceled. Then came back within 7 business days to get my money back. A day before, i got a phone call saying they TRIED to bill me but couldn't (because i changed my account number). If i hadn't changed my account #, they would have billed me when i had ALREADY CANCELED!! So i came back on the 7th business day, and THEY requested MY bank account number in order to give me my money back! What's that all about? I told them i canceled my bank account completely, and they told me the ONLY way to get my money back was for me to give them a bank account #. When i convinced them that i didn't have a bank anymore, they went to the back and gave me a check & i left. So they lied in the 1st place saying that me giving them a bank account # was the only way to get my money back. So if you're trying to cancel, CHANGE your account number 1st. =]

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  • Mi
    Mitch.B Mar 09, 2011

    A very satisfied Fitness 19 of Rochester Hills:

    Really people? Complaining about contracts you signed? Thats what happens when you sign on the dotted line. You are the liable to abide by the contract. Its not the gyms fault you were stupid for not knowing that MAJOR colleges have Rec centers. So don't blame the gym, blame yourself. Fitness 19 is a gym that offers low monthly payments, a place to work out in, and an atmosphere where you don't have to be (for woman) skinny and (for men) insanely ripped. If you want your other gyms, "like the one down the road" then have fun paying for a butler. Sorry but I don't need someone to hand me a towel. Fitness 19 isn't a daycare or a place to go swim. It's strictly a GYM. So don't try to smash it because you signed a contract or that the staff is just trying to do their job by pushing people to sign up. It's a business of sales! Gym equipment is not cheap, and neither is it to staff a building, or to keep the lights on. Own your own business and you'll learn. I have had no problems with them. When I had knee surgery and needed my account frozen... it was froze. When I switched banks and closed my original... they didn't complain. Simply asked for a new account, which is what ANY gym would do. So please people, before you decide to try and make a place look bad, realize that you wasted your time... There are plenty of satisfied customers like myself that would never change gyms. I don't need someone to pamper me and I don't need a pool to swim in. I need a gym to work out in, and they satisfied me there. Thank you Fitness 19 for fulfilling my needs and at a low cost :)

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  • Je
    Jeff T Jul 29, 2011

    You're full of crap. This a complaint board, and not Must work there huh?

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  • Mi
    Mihashbrown Nov 09, 2011

    The billing practices at this gym are not designed to scam people. I apologize if people cannot understand how a simple billing system works, but I think a good group of you are just looking from something to complain about. If any of you have actual physical proof that Fitness 19 "scammed" you, then I'd love to see it. Until then, read the contracts, understand that the enhancement fee is charged on your account, understand how to ACTUALLY cancel your membership, and understand that other gyms have more complicated billing systems designed to nickel and dime their members.

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  • Co
    coco puff Feb 23, 2012

    Thank God for all these comments. I was going to join this gym in Milwaukee, WI today with my mom & husband..BUT we will NOT even step into this place now...thank you for letting everyone know what a poor business fitness 19 practices (in every state @ that)

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  • To
    toledo,oh Nov 21, 2012

    I belonged to the Fitness 19 in Toledo, Ohio since they opened. Which by the way took them over a year from the time I signed up. Then they opened in a temporary facility that was an old gym while they finished the new one. It was dirty, nasty, and no where near the one that I signed up at so I froze the account until they opened the new facility. Then, over the last year I have had 2 back surgeries so was not able to use the facility. I asked to have it frozen again, and they said no problem, but after 3 months they began billing me again--but my credit card had expired so I was receiving calls about my past due bill. They will not discuss any of this over the phone, so I stopped in to ask what was going on. They said you can only freeze an account for 3 months, then you have to come back and do it again. (This was not explained at the time that I did it, the previous time it had been for over 6 months). I said fine, freeze it, effective 2 months ago. I was told I had to pay the back bills first, then they could freeze it again. So I said cancel it, and again, they said I had to pay the back bills, PLUS an additional month before they could cancel it. . I said "even though I have not been able to use the facility?" The guy said "you are walking, aren't you?" At this point I left. I decided I would mail a cashiers check for the past due balance, because I did not want to give them my debit card or checking account information again, but the next day they somehow were able to get my new debit card information and take the money from my account. I called to tell them I wanted to cancel, and was told I had to come there personally to do that. I told him there was no way in hell I was stepping foot in the there again, after the way I have been treated. He argued with me for a bit, but finally, very reluctantly, told me that I could send an email to them. I did that on Nov 6, and asked that someone confirm that they had received it. As of the 19th my "last month" had been taken from my account, but I had not heard anything about the cancellation and resent the email, with an additional request. Still nothing-not even an electronic read receipt for the email. I called today, Nov 21, and was told that yes, they had received it, and I was paid up and considered an inactive member. I am still going to cancel my debit card, just in case. BTW the email they gave me was '[email protected]' I assume the 222 is the facility number so if you can find that out, you should be able to replicate this address for your local gym.

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  • Am
    AmandaMichelleDavis Sep 19, 2014

    I as well wanted to cancel and it's been over a year of them refusing to cancel me
    Out unless I take time off work to go in between their "allotted time". When I went in at that time period I explained my issue (They had triple charged every customers account in January 2014 and I had received insufficient funds fee for each charge from
    Them as well). He rudely picked up his work phone and began talking to a friend he was signing up for about thirty minutes. He got off the phone, ask what I needed again I told him and he said "Sorry the manager that can cancel you out just left".

    It's now been over a year and I am closing out my bank account because they keep messing my billing account and everything up. Horrible rip off of a gym. Poor customer service.

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  • He
    Henderson Corruption Aug 15, 2018

    A couple of men employees at the facility Fitness 19 has bullied a female member, always mocking her, bugging her, reading her, laughing at her, and singling her out, blocking her as she walks from area to area in the gym ( towards bathroom and water fountain, entry door and exit).
    One African male and median male with tatoos, age probably 21 -23

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  • De
    Dennis Blair Aug 16, 2018

    I just heard that the Fitness 19 we belong to will be closing its doors at the end of day tomorrow.

    We have received no notice or communication regarding this.

    We purchased a life long membership. What now?

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  • Bh
    bhernandez11 Aug 20, 2018

    i was informed yesterday that my balance for next month was going to be $170. i asked an employee why it was so much and he said it was my annual fee for myself and my two children. No one ever told me that my kids had an annual fee. That was not explained to me at all. Nor was the fact that my annual fee was going to be taken out after 90 days.

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  • Be
    bella5g Sep 05, 2018

    I cancelled my membership 6 months ago still getting billed. Would like reimbursement

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  • Je
    jennieisalady Sep 10, 2018

    The married, early morning trainer keeps asking me for a blow job. He's having sex with at least 2 of the girls that work there. He uses his job as a hookup joint.

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  • Ki
    kisstal03 Sep 10, 2018

    i have been recieving emails and text about fitness 19 moreno valley II not recieving payment and i have tried calling and i have left several messages and no one calls back. plus no one has called me regarding my payment i got an email saying there has been serveral attemts to contact me. which is not true

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  • Ju
    Juana Juana Oct 21, 2018

    I went in and cancelled my membership last month beginning of September and I was told I would be charged for September only now here it is October and I was charged again. This is not right haven't used the gym since becoming sick in June. I want my policy cancelled. They just keep giving you the run around and keep charging you.

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  • Ak
    AkeelSam Oct 23, 2018

    Had really bad experience today with the Gym Manager telling me i am grunting too much. if i don't have to grunt while i workout and have to limit myself i would join Planet Fitness with lots of facilities not Fitness 19. This location is in Farmington MI. Really unhappy with the Service i got. I recommend some other gym instead of this.

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  • Ch
    Chris Hawthorn Oct 31, 2018

    I sent a letter to your headquarters cancelling my membership 6 months ago and I am still being billed. I will be sending another letter to you and also my local Gym where I have the membership.

    Chris Hawthorn

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  • Be
    beauty ellis Nov 04, 2018

    I cancelled 5 months ago and this company is still charging my bank account monthly and they even have been calling for a refund but the manager keeps telling me there is nothing they can do Ito because they don't give refunds this is a scam company.

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  • Ni
    Nikki gol Nov 04, 2018

    It has been 3 years, that they are going to send me check and return my money, all the time they say, it is in process,
    I opened the account, but after 2 day I cancelled, I paid 80 box, when I went there to cancel, they said the manager is not here, we will send you a check, and still nothing received. Fitness 19 has a horrible customer service.

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  • Ke
    Kelsey Williams Nov 04, 2018

    Everyone! Do not call any of these numbers for a Fitness 19 Corporate number. I called the first one and it lead me to a fitness 19 in California just like the one I go to in Texas. THESE NUMBERS ARE INVALID!!!

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  • Er
    Erica Y Solano Nov 11, 2018

    Signed up way before they opened promised to have it open by feb 1st 2017 and failed to do so ...they Charged me $95 for a one time use. I had to cancel due to "life" and charged me another $10 for cancellation fees Didn't even bother to help me with the cancellation. Horrible customer service...

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  • Nt
    N Tom Nov 12, 2018

    These crooks are a franchise based business with no corporate contact number. After buying a lifetime membership they keep stealing money from my checking account every month. I will contact my local BBB and take additional action to prevent them from ripping me and others off.

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  • Ji
    Jim5000 Jan 05, 2019

    Doesn't it make sense that there's a designated area for jump roping/skipping? The people doing this are doing it silently and one might not know when walking through the gym. On two occasions I've gotten close to being whacked in the face.

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  • Ba
    BarbJB Nov 18, 2019

    I paid for 10 personal trainer sessions and I think I used 2 of them. I would like my money back. It's not my fault the location closed. I sent an email response when I got the email notifying us of the closing. Can someone help? Do I need to contact the BBB? Thanks! Barb

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  • En
    Enrique Perez Jr Jan 01, 2020

    For several months I've been asking the manager to replace the same burned out bulbs in the only tanning cube, but that same manager has done nothing. This is frustrating and is unacceptable to me and it should be for corporate as well.

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