SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Certegycheck declining services

K Oct 09, 2019

10/09/19 I went to Lowe's in Consumer Square in Plattsburgh, NY and tried to buy a Lowes gift card for $150. Both of my checks from 1 from Champlain National Bank and 1 from Dannemora Credit Union.

I tried to contact a real person from this company and you cannot talk with anyone. I pay my Lowe's credit card with my checks from either one of these checking accounts and it's not a problem, but in store I can't. In front of at least 4 other shoppers. I looked like a fool trying to scam someone.
This is unacceptable to me and Lowe's doesn't seem to care either. I tried calling the store manager for assistance so I could cash a check. My solution is I will shop elsewhere whenever possible. My husband and I have spend thousands of dollars at this store and this kind of treatment is unacceptable and unfair.

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