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First Step EquityFRAUD FRAUD


Beware Beware of this, this is a total scam.

All they do is post and post everyday to get you to pay $40.00 for forclosed homes. It is not
as easy as it sounds, if you want a list of forclosed homes for free, contact the banks in your
area, they list them for free.

This is a scam to sell you for $40.00 a month for foreclosure homes listings. Don't believe it.


  • Si
    simbad42 Nov 08, 2012

    i feel sorry for all the naysayers on this blog. the person above me judging by there grammar & spelling pushed some buttons the wrong way on the sales man. i had a sort of gruff sounding man pick up the phone when i called in, but it was bark and no bite.
    I feel for you "keri c" but after reading your complaint i had to ask them what was the deal with your house being listed.
    They had told me that " the banks are the ones that give them the listings". so if as was stated before you were to call the bank and ask for the listings they would have sent out all that same information.

    that being said its safe to say 90% of the complaints are from people that are using first step as a scapegoat to complain about the banks misgivings. at least thats they way it seems to me.

    ps. it worked for me and a few of my friends so shape up folks. get the lead out. and put out some work to get your self a home.

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  • Ke
    Ken T. Sep 01, 2012

    When you read the complaints the other people with same complaint just do not check that company is not valid as service is far from helping and continues doing their scam. I just seen the advertisement and here is my complaint .This a scam at everyone who can get the advertisement. Post going back to 2008 and now still have problems. This company is a fruad.

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  • Me
    Melbie Apr 16, 2012

    I just called to get some "details" and the guy just hung up on me. Ummmm not a good way to start a convo. After the hang up I right away looked them up on the net and found this site. Thank you everyone for sharing... it helps me with posting on Craigslist that they are "spam". Now to continue with my house hunting. :/

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  • Ke
    Keri C Apr 03, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think there are a team of internet searchers that are first to reply to a complaint filed against First Step Equity on blogs so they can refute the claim. BBB now has 61 listed complaints + mine will be 62. I have a different approach than the others though. MY house is imaged on an ad. My neighbor called me to tell me. I'm 100% current on my mortgage payments. If this is supposed to not be a scam, how the bleep bleep did my house (image) get on craigslist? FBI Internet fraud department has been notified in detail. Next thing will be people knocking at my door that were poor suckers that paid the $40 to see the address and full listings. I feel bad for them, but how do you think it feels from a home owners perspective to have people knocking on your door and peering into windows? I'm so pissed off right now!
    Go ahead, try to refute my post, you can not!

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  • Je
    Jenthebuyer Mar 05, 2012

    They are a 100% scam they post information about a property to get people interested than want their credit card information so they can charge them $40 for them to look into renting a home through them. This is ridiculous, and when I told the guy on the phone that he started to yell at me. Really? I'm not sure how that is professional but last I checked that's just rude and makes people want to not talk to them about any of their properties.

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  • Lo
    lovemy2girls Oct 12, 2011

    I almost fell prey to their scam today in desperation of finding a home. I didnt feel comfortable giving over any credit card info to a company I didnt know anything about and when I told the guy that I would gladly come to the office and pay cash, check or money order he refused. I told him I do not give that kind of info over the phone and he thanked me for "wasting his time" & he hung up on me... What an ###! DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE...!!!

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  • Bo
    bob bitchin Sep 27, 2011

    I just got off the phone with them, I asked for the guys name and said I would check them out. He hung up on me, then I did some looking on the internet. What a farce! Dont do it! The house we were looking at online is NOT on the street it says its on.

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  • Da
    danRad Jul 22, 2011

    They have hired some sells man desperate to make some dow! Make sure to do your research first.
    what if someone who already is been charge $40, leave it's user name and password for others to try out their site!!

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  • Sa
    Sandy Rosetti Jul 19, 2011

    I found a listing on 7/19/2011 via Craigslist Inland Empire for a home on Chambord Dr in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. I called the (805) # the agent who answered was ignorant. During our conversation he answered his cell phone and held a conversation. He was arrogant about it as well. Also when I asked him the rental amount he said I don't know your looking at. What does it say? Just because of his character I did not give him the $40.00. He came off as untrustworthy. If you gave them your Banking info. Call the Bank and change your account account # info. that will stop them from charging!

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  • He
    helene queen Jul 12, 2011

    My client asked me about their posting and I told her it was a scam. I called on her behalf and asked if they had permission from "their clients" to post picture of homes in NOD to rent to own on craigslist and the guy yelled at me and hung up. Went by the house since I know the neighborhood, and they knew nothing about their house being on craigslist. These people prey on ones who dont know that these lists are free. Just go to and put in zip code and see for yourself. You do not have to join. Scammers, stay away and also report to BBB. Scammers...

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  • Be
    Beproductive Jul 11, 2011

    Yes information may be free locally but FirstStepEquity does all the research for you and not only do they provide listings.
    This company works hard to provide tools to obtain a preforeclosure home.

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  • Me
    me95020 May 28, 2011

    First Step Equity is a TOTAL SCAM!!! HORRIBLE what they are doing and completely unethical! They are posting homes for rent that are OWNED and are stealing images off Google street view to use on the listings. I have asked them to remove our home because it IS NOT for rent. We have had numerous people come to our home with postings printed off craigslist, ebay classifieds, trulia, etc that are FALSE listings! DO NOT patronize them. There are too many other HONEST companies to go with!

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  • The owners name is Matthew Nancarrow. I found this out by looking at the bottom of the webpage for where it says MCN, Inc. I then went to the California Secretary of State and looked up the agent for service of process for this registered coorporation. Matthew Nancarrow is listed as the agent of process and he the address for service of process (this is how you sue him), is:

    Entity City, State, Zip: SANTA BARBARA CA 93103

    I am positive this is the person because if you search Matthew Nancarrow you will find that he is registered as teh contact person on the BBB website for First Step Equity.

    He has ripped me off and I will taking him to court for fraud and I am considering referring him to the California Attorney General for fraudulent practices. If he has ripped you off and you would like to sue him, then you can file a claim at your local court and then follow the procedures for serving out of state defendants, if you live in California you can sue him very easily... go to you local court and ask for a small claims form. Fill it out and pay the filing fee and then mail it registered mail to the above address. Show up for your court date, if our friend Matthew fails to show or to have an attorney you will get a default judgement. If you get the default judgement then you can sell it to a collector who will squeze it out of him or you can try to track his assest, ie home, car, bank accounts and then levy it yourself. This guy has cheated a lot of people and deserves to be sued.

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  • Ki
    Kirk Barry Apr 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First Step Equity engages in misleading advertising and likely real estate Fraud. On April 27, 2011 I answered their add in Craigslist. It read "$2275 / 4br- spacious 4, 043 sqr ft...". Goes on to say "pets ok, no credit check, must make at least twice the monthly payment...". Obviously they are offering a property for rent and they in no way represent the owner. I believe its fraudulent to offer a place for rent or for sale when you are not under contract with the owner. I have the posting from Craigslist saved if anyone would like to see it.

    Best to stay away from those who deceptively advertise.

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  • Ek
    ekrause Apr 13, 2011

    I found a listing on Craigslist that was submitted by First Equity. I called because it seemed like it was a good option for me and my family. I became concerned because the person I was talking to was trying to force me into giving him my credit card information and he became rude when I told him that I wanted to do some research on his company before I would give him any information. When I asked him why he needed my credit card, he said that the call was being recorded (like that had any relevance to my question). I also found it strange that I could not make an appointment to view the property before I committed to anything. When I told him that I would call back after I did the research, he told me not to call back. I'm glad that I chose to do it that way because as soon as I went on Bing to do my research, all I got back was fraud alerts. I would like to say thank you to those who took the time to post their experience with this company so that others in that situation will not fall victim.

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  • Pe
    Pennylane11 Mar 23, 2011

    Total Scam Artists...BEWARE!!! This company is preying on the innocent by taking $40.00 a month for bogus misleading information!!! They post phony lease to own properties on Craigslist baiting customers with intentional fraud! These home may be in foreclosure which is FREE PUBLIC INFORMATION but the ARE NOT available for LEASE TO OWN!!! Stay away & save yourself from being SCAMMED by this unscrupulous company & sales team!

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  • Sk
    skamkiller Dec 23, 2010

    They are now using the American Standard name. They use the numbers [protected] ans [protected].

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  • Sk
    skinnyroses Dec 03, 2010

    I saw this web site advertsing "rent to own". I saw my neighbors house in the listing. I know for a fact they are not in foreclosure. They purchased the home in 1984, (original owner), and are almost done paying this home.
    Stand clear of them. Like it is said, "If it's too good to be true, IT IS".

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  • Ve
    very happy girl Nov 06, 2010

    im in total agreement with everyone except for the idiots that are making excuses for these ripoff artists!!!

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  • Sc
    scambytes Oct 04, 2010

    ENOUGH is ENOUGH people!

    I'm a father to be and was looking to rent a home in our area. All the best deals lead to the same number. After not finding much available, I call this company. All they wanted was 40.00 to be a member. Desperately wanting to get into a house, I agree to pay the "one time fee, " didn't mention 1 time per month! Regardless, after I paid the friendly agent on the phone quickly rattled me off to visit their website and that was that. Clearly a joke, I humor myself and visit their site and check listings. Wow, here's the one I wanted, and the owner is only 754.00 behind!?! Clearly being hustled, I get upset and think how can one fight back against scams like this...

    Sure we can complain and get our money back and even report it around the web to educate others, but the operation of the scam is still full steam ahead.

    To make a real difference we have to go after the scam itself. I've created a website ( to do just that. 3 steps to be effective! 1) Sign-up and submit scams, 2) up vote scams you feel are worthy, and 3) Fight back. To fight back, each scam will be ranked (sorted) by date as well as up votes. The goal is for our community to call the top scams and show fake interest in their scam. Never giving them your money, just wasting 5-10 minutes of their time. One person doing this is ineffective, but doing this in mass numbers will cost the scam ring thousands and thousands of wasted minutes.

    We as a community CAN shut down these scams, or at least cost them far more time and money than it's worth to target our areas of interest.

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  • Jm
    jmonqt Jun 17, 2010

    I called on two properties that this company has listed on Craigs list for Rent to Own. I live in the area in which these two properties were suppose to be located. I actually took a drive on that street to see the property for my self and funny. The property was nowhere to be found! They may have listings to provide you, the question is... Does that house even exist where they say it does?!?!

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  • Do
    Donna Smith-Moseley Apr 13, 2010

    How can I stop them STE from taken any more money from my check card.


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  • Ap
    aprilr Mar 31, 2010

    I'm pretty sure this company is in the business of defrauding people out of their $40/month. The reason I think this? Someone showed up at our door yesterday to express their interest in taking over our payments and OUR HOUSE IS NOT EVEN BEING FORECLOSED ON! We were late on our payments a few months back and now our home is showing up on CL and people are coming over to look at it! The print out the guy gave us had a picture of our home on it and all it's stats (I was tickled to find out that I had a trash compactor and kitchen island). At no time were we ever contacted by First Step Equity in regards to our home being advertised so they are absolutely in the bait and switch business, if nothing else. They're trying to get your money!

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  • Nj
    NJones Mar 16, 2010

    The worst part about this company is they advertise houses for "rent" just to get you to call. This false advertising is awful. The first time I called my initial question was "Is this ad the actual house?" "Of course it's an actual house." she replied with attitude. When I explained that I am only asking because some companies are using fake houses to lure people, she hung up on me. But I wasn't positive it was on purpose at the time. The next time I called, a guy did his spiel and when I realized that their ad was false advertising I said, "that's ok, I am just looking for a quick rental." The jerk cut me off and say "Yea, you weren't even paying attention anyway." And hung up on me before I could respond. Man, I hope that the company gets sued and reaps what is sows.

    People just need to make sure they click "Spam" on craigslist since this is false advertising and the houses they show are not actual places for rent.

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  • Er
    erik1962 Mar 13, 2010

    I called First Step Equity inquiring into a Craig’s list add when searching for a rental. All I can say is stay away from them. They advertise, “rent to own”, you call the number and you find yourself obviously talking to someone in a call center. You can hear the other “agents” and phones in the background. My “agent” was quick to ask the questions and provide results that made my opportunities outstanding, that is a typical successful sales tactic, don’t let the customer think too much, keep moving along. He even praised the money back guarantee on the 40 bucks I had to spend just to look; however when I asked to see the terms under which that guarantee existed, he said there was none. I question the business practice of a company that offers a money back guarantee but could not produce the terms of that guarantee and he promptly hung up on me. If it smells like, sounds like, and acts like a rip off – guess what – IT IS!! - STAY AWAY!!

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  • Th
    that's my take Jan 27, 2010

    I called FSE and spoke to a sales agent. To me it sounds like they want want $40 bucks for listings of homes in default. I was told the loans are usually 30 to 90 days late. Who in their right mind would give up on their home in 90 days? I don't see that happening. I was told there's no credit check. No credit check from them, of course, no need. I promise you that if you actually found a homeowner who wants out of his mortgage, that doesn't mean the banks won't do a credit check. The banks and our economy is in really big trouble now for giving out loans to people who were in over there heads, they'll be sure to check more thoroughly the next time around. This sounds like the "new loan mod". It's already almost impossible to do a loan mod on your own, and now the banks win again. They've made it illegal for attorney's to do mods for homeowners as well in most states. For those of you who checked out the BBB, sucks for you, BBB is one of the biggest scams of all. Check it out, check out your Bank, I'm sure they have an A+ rating and about 50, 000 complaints. There are several companies that have F ratings with 5 complaints total and are not members of the BBB. You have to pay to be a member and if you're not you get an F, easy as that. My business has an A rating after I made my payments. The 3 months I didn't pay I had an F, with 3 complaints that were all resolved. BBB is like the local mobster that gives you an offer you can't refuse, pay them and your business is fine, don't pay and they'll ruin your business. They are privately owned, don't let "bureau" fool you. That's my BBB rant. This company is misleading, but doing nothing illegal. It is possible to get into one of these homes as easy as they make it sound, just not plausible. I think I'll do it the old-fashioned way and check out homes that are already on the market.

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  • Re
    RealEstateJohn Jan 19, 2010

    I'm not sure who First Step Equity is trying to fool with this A- BBB rating.
    Just checked 1 minute ago and this company is not even rated !!
    Here are the reasons why it might not have been rated : ( taken from the BBB site )

    A business may receive an “NR” (No Rating) instead of a rating under the following circumstances:

    BBB has determined business is no longer operating
    Business has filed to dissolve business in bankruptcy
    BBB has recently received numerous or serious complaints about business but BBB has not had sufficient time to receive and assess business’ response to those complaints
    Type of business is not appropriate for BBB rating
    BBB thresholds for report development have not been met

    Being that there was a PREVIOUS rating and that it doesn't appear this company is going out of business my money on why they no longer have a rating is that BBB has recently received numerous or serious complaints about business but BBB has not had sufficient time to receive and assess business’ response to those complaints.

    Something to think about before signing up with a company that supposedly provides a service that you can get for free.

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  • G1
    G101 Dec 22, 2009

    First Step is just posting a service that title companies and the county you live in offer to you for free. This information is public record. If you go to the county office you can get a list of defaults for free. Title companies are directly working through the county to check titles and record deeds so they have access to all county records they to will give you this service for free through their websites. Just because a home is reporting in default does not mean that it is actually in the process of being foreclosed on. The mortgage could be paid on time and they are behind on tax for 2years and you have 4 years before a defaulted tax lien can request foreclosure. Owners of properties that are behind almost never want to give up their house. They are like pit bulls protecting it, and they are not paying any service to help them find someone to take it over if anything its the opposite so you will have an uphill battle off of these type of lists which is I repeat public record. In the Real Estate business we call them farm lists for cold calling and trying to get listings its no different than going door to door you just have more information before you knock.Keep in mind these owners are hit up everyday non stop with calls and people offering to help them and predators so they are very cautious.

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  • In
    internetmarketing Dec 19, 2009

    So funny Chris how you say you are working with the Feds. If that where true 2 things would be happening.
    First: you would not be posting on here saying that you are working with the feds.
    Second: You would not be throwing around threats of people having to get lawyers and court.
    You are so full of yourself, you do not know what you are talking about at all. If the Feds where on to something then they would say something themselves and not on Get a life. Also you are going around here throwing around a lawyers name. Does that lawyer even know what you are doing? I doubt it and that alone is a crime of itself. So if anyone needs to get a lawyer it looks like you should. You go around all day and just write scams because you are bored, have no life, and no family to spend time with. Chris you have posted these Scams on over 20 sites all together.

    -1 Votes
  • Ch
    Chris WWW Nov 22, 2009

    There's no honor amoung thieves. And I have never worked for any of these companies.
    ALSO I am well educated much to your shagrin, working with the feds to bring all of you down. Speaking of court, all of you better get your defense lawyers because you will need them.

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  • Th
    theskamkilla Nov 16, 2009

    First Step Equity
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    Goleta, California
    United States
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    Just because Chris got fired he is linking first step to the other companies he is a liar and full of it, get a life go to school and leave first step and any other companies alone or you will be in court

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  • Th
    theskamkilla Nov 16, 2009

    not true jerk First step is not any other scam but the one they pose as

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  • Ch
    Chris w.w. Oct 26, 2009


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  • Ch
    Chris Wong Oct 25, 2009


    Registration #[protected]

    AND THE ADDRESS IS 21 East Canon Periodo Street Suite 218, Santa Barbara, CA.

    Phone numbers are [protected], [protected], [protected]

    Call the US Attorneys office and DA in Santa Barbara, Ca.

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  • Lc
    lcf Oct 15, 2009

    This company is a total fraud. I was scammed by the smooth talking sales pitch which included, "Yes it is really that easy to contact the sellers and take over payments". One more company trying to take advantage of people in tough times. Shame on them. Do not give them your money.

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  • Fo
    Foxbutler Oct 13, 2009

    This company does have an A- with the BBB, not an F. They provide you with contact information for homes and they will walk you through the process so you know what to do when you find one that you want. If you don't want to pay $40 for it, just don't! Don't pay $40 and then get mad that you didn't find a home. They can't control what you do with the information they give you. Read their response at the beginning of this list of comments.

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  • Re
    researching my money Oct 06, 2009

    I usually try to do my research on a company BEFORE I give them any of my hard earned money. I noticed "first step scam" posted that this company has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau. I just looked it up myself and they actually have an "A-" . I don't know how you can confuse and F with an A. For one, buying a forclosed house is difficult if you're not using a real estate agent then you have to do the work yourself. I for one am giving my business to this company for the simple fact that they ARE accredited with the better business bureau and because of their rating. If you can find a better rating (with in the BBB website) on a company who does this same business I'd like for somebody to post that information. Thank you.

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  • I found this home on FIRST STEP EQUITY and I went to look at it and could noticed that it looked very lived in. I left a note on the door for the owner to call me. He never did. So I thought maybe he didnt get it, so I went and left another one. He still didnt call me. So I went over there one more time and left a very detailed message and he finally called me. To my surprise he yelled at me, in between asking me questions about how I came up with the conclusion he was losing his home. He said it was absolutely ridicious to think that I would lose my 400 thousand dollar plus home when I only owe a remaining balance of 70, 100 dollars and the default being only 2, 900 after being yelled at I called first step equity hoping to find out more information on this house because I was thinking it must be a scam. Chris re assured me it wasnt and that the home would be up for auction in 7 weeks. However, after speaking with Chris I did what he told me to do which was call the lender and the trustee. Conveniently none of the numbers he told me to call where in service. Meanwhile he never answered anymore of my phone calls. They sure didnt forget to charge my account 40.00 a month for three months without me knowing. To top it all off I was told it would be a one time fee of 40.00

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  • Lauri Beamish Sep 04, 2009

    Oh, come on First Equity. You know as well as I do all your doing is giving a list of foreclosed homes just like and the rest of them. At least they are up front about that's all they are. You have not set up anything with the people you have listed. Any one who wants to buy the house would have to go in cold just like any other place you would find houses in foreclosure. Since you are so misleading in your advertising, it leads me to wonder how good your title searches, etc. are, especially since they're "unlimited".

    Lauri Beamish- Broker
    Call-Us Real Estate
    DRE #[protected]

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  • Ni
    nijuuf Sep 01, 2009

    Yes, this is definitely a scam. They advertise on Craig's List as "One Year Lease" "No Credit Check" "No Deposit" and "Only Pay Default Amount." I called the "Customer Service" line and they said the default amount is typicallt $1, 000 - $4, 000...there are some defaults as high as $50K! I did pay the $40 and as soon as I went to the site, lo and behold the properties that I saw on Craig's List were not even there!

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