First Gulf Bank [FGB]complaining about collection department


I am facing a rude unexperienced issue with the employee. After many calls to make a settlement plan for my credit cards due to an unforeseen family financial issues as I mentioned before, and many correspondences but I only receive a rude and unrespectable behavior with lack of experience dealing with such cases, I have several debt accounts that I am attempting to settle as well. Unfortunately, I have a limited amount of funds to manage my situation, I have successfully already reached two mutually agreeable settlements with other creditors, which were sympathetic and understanding to my situation for the mutual benefits. I have not had the means to be unable to pay but
Because my finances are in such bad shape, I am asking that my credit cards to be closed. I would like the interest charges, both accrued and future, be waived and a plan for monthly payments considered for the rest of the debt. I can pay AED 1500 every month to repay the due amount. I hope we can agree on a monthly payment that is suitable for both of us. I hope that we can agree on terms that will allow me to close this account and avoid bankruptcy because this is my best effort to repay you part of the balance owed.

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