First Gulf Bank [FGB]collections department


I received a call from this number [protected]), constantly harassing me over the fact that my brother was late on one payment. Amer, the guy on the phone had the nerve to ask me why I wasn't giving my brother the money to make the payment.
I told him that I would take to my brother. But this seems to not be enough. He kept on calling me and I told him to stop. He kept on disturbing me at work the whole day. I repeatedly asked him to stop harassing me. He asked me whom I preferred him to harass. He then threatened to send people to my aunt's place in Sri Lanka to harass her.
I told him to stop or I will report the number to the police. That did not deter him. Until I just now answered the phone and screamed at him "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!"...

I am not the person in the wrong. Why am I the one being harassed? This man seems determined to harass you no reason. Why does FGB hire these thugs?
Why collections department calling me all the way from remote Fujairah? Does that makes it easy for the cowards to call threaten & harass us?
According to my brother, he has already paid them. Even many times over in interest as well and yet they still want more. I suppose no one is telling their collections department that part or maybe they just don't care. Its all in a day's fun I suppose.
I sincerely hope that someone in FGB senior management sees this. Stop Harassing Innocent people and then maybe you'd have my respect back.

-- Julian

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